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PS3 ⚝Gamer Choice™ Battlefield 4 [Cex] Modded Eboot [1.20]

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by LEGACYY, Aug 10, 2016.

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    Hey Rival Gamer Lovelys!!!

    This is for all my Cex users, NOo i havn't forgotting about you guys :D Enjoy Modding Battlefield 4 [1.20]


    Aim-bot / No Recoil / Vehicle Wall Hack / Unlock All / Sniper Breath / Steady Locking / UAV

    **Note** If there's other mods you would like i recommend using my RTM Tool i have posted.

    Battlefield 4 Cex Eboot

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    Instructions to Prevent Being Banned

    Step 1. Load Battlefield 4 to XMB

    Step 2. Use PSNINJA

    Step 3. Use PSN PATCH

    Step 4. Load your game up Offline

    Step 5. Sign in PSN through XMB [PSN Button]

    Step 6. Enjoy Gaming Battlefield 4!!!


    Ludacris Legacy
    Making this eboot for Cex users too enjoy!

    Offsets & Bytes

    Offsets & Bytes

    Aim-bot Offsets & Bytes

    Have fun Modding

    Thread Update Log

    August 10, 2016

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