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Service ⚝Gamer Choice™ Ghosts Recovery Service

Discussion in 'Call Of Duty' started by LEGACYY, Jul 22, 2016.

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    #1 LEGACYY, Jul 22, 2016
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2016
    Gamer Choice™ Ghosts Recovery Service

    $10 Package Deals [Multiplayer]

    Ban Free
    Unlock All
    Master Prestige
    Unlimited Squad Points
    Low, Medium, High, Insane Stats
    Ghillie and Cobra Suits
    Customized Game Play Times
    Customized Colour Classes [Any Colour at Request]
    Soldier 1 Only [All Perks]

    $10 Extra Add-ons [Multiplayer]

    [​IMG] All Perks for All Soldiers Classes 1-6


    [​IMG]Modded Primary Weapon Attachments
    For Example Armor-Piercing + Rapid Fire.


    $10 Package Deals [Extinction]

    Any Rank [Prestige Master 25]
    Any Level [Level 31]
    Any Amount of Teeth
    Double Classes
    Cryptic Ammo
    Master Scavanger
    Pistol Arc Attachment
    Low, Medium, High, Insane Stats

    $5 Package Deals [Extinction]

    Teeth Only [Any amount]

    Referral System
    [Only Applies to $20 - $10 Package Deals]

    Anyone you recommend and purchases ⚝Gamer Choice™ Ghosts Recovery Service, You will get 50% Discount on your next purchase.

    Warranty Plan

    $20 - $10 Package Deals 2 Week Warranty Plan
    $5 Package Deal 1 Week Warranty Plan

    Payment Methoed


    Contact Information


    Sorry, you need to register or login to see this BBcode !

    Thank you for choosing ⚝Gamer Choice™ Ghosts Recovery Service.

    Thanks to all Rival Gamer Staff Team for the Support

    Thread Update Log

    December 22, 2016

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