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Featured Release LibHB: LibHomebrew PS4 Homebrewing Library by CFWProphet

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Hacks & Mods' started by TylerMods, May 14, 2018.

  1. TylerMods Moderator


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    Here is a Lib to bulid your own homebrew apps for PS4!

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    "A Homebrew Library based on the Official ***. Auto Jailbreaks. No need to do anything here. If you want to change the FW version to compile for (needed for jb & kernel aka lv2 stuff), then set your consoles FW within fw.h like: FW_455 or FW_500 as example. Copy libhb Folder (not the -master one) and his samples into "/target/samples/sample_code/system" of your ***. Move the "controller.h" from the libhb-master folder to: "/target/samples/sample_code/common/include/sampleUtil/input" That's it your Set Up !"

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