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Featured Tutorial Making a PS4 Theme PKG for 4.05 / 4.55

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Tutorials' started by TylerMods, Apr 21, 2018.

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    Needed Tools
    1) You want to start off by downloading images for the "background" folder which needs to be 24bits.

    • homescreen (resolution 1920x1080)
    • functionscreen (resolution 1920x1080)
    • functionareabar (resolution 1920x164)

    2) Once you have downloaded your images, open them all in Photoshop and select RGB Color as you see in the image below.

    2.1) Once you do that, save as .PNG and copy the .PNG to your "background" folder.

    2.2) The "content_icon" folder.(You do not have to use 24bit images).

    • The resolution for "content_icon" images is 512x512.
    2.3) The "sound" folder(this part can be tricky so read carefully).
    • In order to create a working at9 sound file you need Please Login/Register to view links and you may need Audacity.
    • You need a .WAV file that must not exceed 2 minutes in length.
    • Extract the at9 converter zip to your desktop.
    • Open command prompt and type "cd c:\users\%USERPROFILE%\desktop\AT9 converter 2.3\ATRAC\"
    • Copy the .WAV file to the ATRAC folder and rename it "bgm_home"
    • Now type in CMD "PS4_at9tool.exe -e -br 144 -wholeloop bgm_home.wav bgm_home.at9"
    • If this was done correctly, you should see an AT9 file that you will now copy to the "sounds" folder.
    3) The sound .VAG files.
    • You can use the vagconv2w.exe inside of the Fake PKG Tools folder to convert .WAV files to .VAG.
    4) Open "PS4_Theme_Editor_0-1-3beta and select the "theme" folder.
    • You should see everything in order, on the right of the app you can find the theme.xml panel. With it, you can modify the theme name and colors(Font color looks like "#FFED1010")
    • The first two values "FF" is the transparency, the rest is the color code.
    5) Select format version as 4.0 and put the name of the theme at the end of the hyphens(Like this "RIVAGAMER-COM")

    6) Press save and exit the program. Do you want to save? Why of course you do!

    7) Open "theme.xml" with notepad(notepad++ is always recommended for replacing your default notepad app). and change "homebgm-enable" from "False" to "True".

    7.1) Save and Exit.

    8)Now you want to edit the "preview.png" and the "icon0.png" images.
    • The "preview.png" is found under the "texture" folder; Change it to 24bit PNG with the resolution of 740x416.
    • The "icon0.png" is found under the "sce_sys" folder; Change it to 24bits PNG with the resolution of 512x512.
    9) Go to the Fake PKG Tools folder are start orbis-pub-sfo.exe.
    • Open the "param.sfo" under the "sce_sys" folder and change the title text and the content ID. It should look something like "XY1234-ABCD12345_00-0000000000000001".
    • Save your SFO.
    10) Start the orbis-pub-gen.exe.
    • Select file > new project > system software them package.
    • You should see something on the right side called "Image0", double click it.
    • Drag and drop your theme folders and files to it. [​IMG]
    • Click File(F) and save theme as gp4 and close the program.
    11) Under "Command" in the menu bar select "Project Settings" > "Package".
    • Put your content ID from the param.sfo in the content ID section.
    • Select "generate" for the passcode 32 and press "ok".
    • Under "Command", select "Build Image"
    • Select the output folder and press "Build".

    You are finished!

    Thanks to Mangekyou222!

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