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Featured Tool PS4 Cheater v1.4.3 [Memory Poker]

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Hacks & Mods' started by TylerMods, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. TylerMods Moderator


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    So this is PS4 Cheater, memory poker + hex editor. This was designed specifically for PS4 so it's probably more reliable than something such as NetCheat. This program's creator is a very busy person and doesn't have time to update it too often so there are still bugs. Besides that, it has came a long way. I use this, @Cain532 uses this and many other great devs.
    Issues you may come across

    • If you try to load a .cht ontop of a .cht you are probably going to overlap them and the values will be a incorrect reading.
    • If you are searching for pointers, be sure to save them all once you get down to about 20-50 or so because the program could fail and your results will be lost.
    • You do not want to close the pointer window if it's still scanning because this will crash the program and you will lose your results.

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