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    Got my hands on a ps3 again :P

    Got my hands on a ps3 again :P
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    Exclusive Uncharted 3 SPRX Mod Menu

    Dude this is insane!! :D have ya messed around with hudelements, shaders,scroll bars, or designs for the menu? if not could it be possible?
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    Making An Xbox RTE (RealTimeEditor) [MEGA TUTORIAL]

    Very well put together :)
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    Working a

    Working a
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    Exclusive Custom XenForo Forum Ranks/Badges Modification

    This is really, cool! Great release :honored:
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    GTA V Gamesaves! 1-25 Different saves!

    Really handy release :) thanks for this :P
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    Introduction [STAFF] Anxify

    Hello! Rival Gamer, I wanted to start off by thanking the following people for being apart of my journey: @Cain532 @Cyb3r @LEGACYY :) Now let's talk about me :p I've been apart of both the PS3 & Xbox360 modding community going on a little close to 5 years (makes me feel old xD). I learned to...
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    Introduction [STAFF] Cain532 Introduction :D

    I love this!! :D
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    RTE tutorial :P

    Nice video!! I love that intro :P
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    I'm gonna come back!

    Let's get it ;)
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    Other Coding Mentor

    OMG!!! I have great ebook that explain Mac osx and iOS from the inside out ;) you could read up on it's amazing!! I shall link you in pm.
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    Release GTA V PC Base Menu 1.42 Source

    RIP lol. Is anyone original these days :facepalm:
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    Other Coding Mentor

    Hello Rival Gamers, I am in search of mentees that i can mentor in Developing C# or any other programming language they would like to learn. It is going to be a learning process for myself and you! Even if you’re just getting into coding, or don’t know anything.. don’t worry!:) we all start...