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    Release [1.20] ⚝Gamer Choice™ Battlefield 4 Tool Including [Weapon ID & Aim-bot]

    Nice release but next time give me the credit I deserve :tears:
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    Too sexy for my own good

    Too sexy for my own good
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    PS3 [1.11] The Last Of Us

    Yes my brother
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    PS3 Best Spoofer

    LOL well it worked for me perfect so I don't care :tears:
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    PS3 Best Spoofer

    I used this spoofed and this spoofed only don't get banned my Cid still going strong to this day. Noobs get banned. :tears:
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    PS3 [1.25] Jet's Dope Upd8 v1 *28 Scripts* + Script Bypass w/ SPRX Load + Garage Bypass [CEX/DEX-BLES]

    spamming full stops to fill required characters for downloads to be unlocked will not be tolerated so take this as a warning do it again and the issue will be escalated
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    PS3 Battlefield 4 - UAV "MP" RTM Tool

    it clearly says that in thread title and basically everywhere in thread. I feel like considering this spaaam but just consider this a warning
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    Exclusive [1.11] The Last of Us ultimate tool

    I don't have the tool but the only advice I can give for now is replace all dlls that are not unique to this tool like ps3lib
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    Gold Spoofer (Dashboard 17349)[OUTDATED]

    does it actaully give u X box live or watever it is I don't like xbone so I don't know
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    Cinema 3d and Adobe After Effects

    Head designer what u designing? Damn everyone's name color better than mine I'm jelly. -_-
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    Cinema 3d and Adobe After Effects

    4d didn't know they had that. :tears:
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    Cinema 3d and Adobe After Effects

    im actually putting in a request for someone don't know exactly what they are after
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    PS3 Jstar Victory Vs+ Mini Tool

    :tears: yuh but prolly not
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    Cinema 3d and Adobe After Effects

    I am looking for anyone who is good with cinema 3d and adobe after effects. If you are good with any or both plz leave a comment or message me directly