Hey everyone. Im WarHeadinc.
I like to help people the best I can on S0rethumbs.
I do things on Xbox 360 like Host free lobbies or do recoveries.

Staff since 10/30/14

====================Social Networks=====================
Twitter: www.twitter.com/warheadinc
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/inlovewithstmarysboy
Skype: Only To Mods And Admins Pm me

==================Modding For Xbox 360===================
Falcon RGH 1 Owner
===============XP Lobbies and Recoveries===============
Been hosting lobbies since MW2 TU6 Menus came out. Im an old modder.
I do free xp lobbies on some games.
Note: If you have any questions. You can pm me :)

I have done recoveries before on Cod and GTA V (I no longer do GTA V for now).
What makes my recoveries different then others?
I take the time to show you what im doing by skyping or posting a youtube video of your recovery.
Note: All my recoveries are cheap. If I rec the gameplay of the recovery.
Your name will be blacked out. So no one will spam you or try to get you banned.
==================GameTec Goals==================
Get a legit Hoster Badge
Buy Premium 5 times (1 out of 5)
Help the site grow big
==================Gifted Premium==================
Count: 1
==================Gifted Members==================


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Need to ask me something: Msg WarHeadinc
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My Youtube | My Twitter | Skype

Ex RG Staff​


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