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  1. S0reFinger

    Social Media and forums

    Hi Guys, I just want your opinion on something. I have always thought that social media can play a significant role in the advertising of a forum. Its such massive area. A while back, I tried to introduce the role of social media manager to S0rethumbs. It fell flat on its arse, and no one...
  2. S0reFinger

    What do I get

    So I have a little spare money this month, and am thinking it's been a little too long since I invested in a game. Quite often I find that XBL games for gold sorts me out for a good long time, which is true for the last one which was Assassins creed black flag. A good 2 months. I completed the...
  3. S0reFinger

    MP's reject assisted suicide vote

    So today the predictable happened. The right to allow certain people the right to take their own lives was slammed to the floor by MP's in a pretty heavy "NO" vote. Now I for one am a very firm "FOR" the right to make this decision. The vote was not...
  4. S0reFinger

    A tunnel full of migrants..

    So you will all have heard about what is going on in the euro tunnel at the moment. Huge amounts of migrants storming the tunnel from all angles, desperately trying to reach our beloved Britain. Its having quite the impact on both sides of the tunnel, France being blasted for not doing enough...
  5. S0reFinger

    Driving me mad!

    So I am a typical british driver. I like to moan about other road users, a lot. Covering 400+ miles a week, its safe to say I spend a lot of my time on the road, and see a lot of things! So, what are my 4 MEGA hates on the road? Tailgating. Its actually surprising how many people justify...
  6. S0reFinger

    Solved Administrator

    Hi All, There has been some speculation surrounding a rumour that Mr.Tea and I were on the lookout for another admin. To an extent, this was true. There was an ad out there externally but we were not advertising it in house. The reason for this was simple - we were looking for a fresh pair of...
  7. S0reFinger

    Pick me a username

    So, I have seen this from a few other members and think it could be a laugh. This thread will remain open until Saturday morning, at which point - I will change my username to whichever suggestion has the most LIKES on it. It will remain like that for 1 week. I won't put much restriction on...
  8. S0reFinger

    Solved Staff positions

    All, It would seem that some members around the site seem very keen, and overly confident on getting staff positions on the forum. Some are becoming pretty rude, and cocky in the process. Mr.Tea and I may or may not be looking for additional staff, that's our call. To make this easier for...
  9. S0reFinger

    Stock trading game

    Would anyone be interested in a realistic stock trading app, integrated directly into the forum software? im quite keen on it, but it isn't cheap so I need to know what the interest would be like on it
  10. S0reFinger

    Solved Feedback

    Hello all, We at Rival Gamer are continually working to make your experience at this site as enjoyable as possible. What would really help us, is your feedback on the following; What you think on the recent changes How you think the staff are on things like politeness, activity etc What you...
  11. S0reFinger

    Solved Game Saves

    Hello All, You may have noticed that our game saves section has been available to everyone, including guests. This is no longer the case. Guests will still be able to see the forum and its threads - but not the content. To see this, you will need to be a member. We will consider making it so...
  12. S0reFinger

    Solved Mobile theme

    Zero - the Search bar on the mobile theme is right on top of the user notifications and conversation bar. Can we perhaps shift it down a notch?
  13. S0reFinger

    Solved Apple users

    Guys Whomever uses an Apple device to access the site, can you please feedback if you have any problems with it? I access it on a Mac, and have to stop the page loading, and refresh every time I load a page. Just tried it on an iPad, and it wouldn't load at all...
  14. S0reFinger

    Solved Slow loading times

    Is anyone else getting some crazy slow loading times for the forums? Tonight I have been waiting 2 mins + for some pages, and I need to know if its just me or across the board.
  15. S0reFinger

    Solved New promotion

    Hello Ei8htlayers, We are pleased to announce the appointment of CallummL as super moderator of the forum. He will carry moderator privileges across all the forums, and have slightly extended permissions to that of a normal moderator to help the forum run in an admins absence.
  16. S0reFinger

    Solved Forum structure

    Hello all, So we have been experimenting having less forums to choose from and going for prefix based categories instead. This won't be to everyones liking, but the aim is to have less empty sub forums. Eventually as activity grows these will expand. Id like to know what the reaction to this...
  17. S0reFinger

    Solved What is it that make people leave GT?

    Hi all, So as you are all aware, GT's activity level has been up and down like a yo yo over the past few months. That is to be expected on all forums, and happens all the time. Unfortunately its noticed here more as we have less members. What im looking for here is feedback as to why YOU...
  18. S0reFinger

    Sim City

    Are there any gamers out there that play the Sim City franchise? specifically the latest one? Its one of the games I play the most.
  19. S0reFinger

    Silly ed strikes again

    So we all know its getting pretty close to election time, and we all know that the various political leaders will be clambering to say whatever they can for those crucial votes. To start off with, im NO fan of Ed Miliband. He is a blubbering idiot who simply makes me laugh when he gets angry...
  20. S0reFinger