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  1. Wavy

    Solved Error after viewing tagged chat message notification

    So if someone tags you in the chatbox on the main forums page, you get this. But when you click on it, you get this. At least for me. So the suggestion would be to add some sort of chat archive that allows users to see what was said in and around the time of the tag in the chat. Seems...
  2. Wavy

    Solved Badges: How to earn them and which to request

    Hey guys. I pop in every so often, but I just wanted to note what I saw because I still like to help out. On to Badges... first off, really good job on the design whoever made those. They are professional! Though, I am a bit confused about some of the descriptions I've seen on the Badge list...
  3. Wavy

    Solved Concerning advertisement methods

    Since I could not post on this thread linked below for some reason, I will post it here. I think that there should be more clear of regulations regarding advertising. Not because staff do not know the rules of the site and other sites, but...
  4. Wavy

    Solved Name Change of "Getting Started"

    We should change this name. 7s has this exact name for their equivalent thread. Brainstorm ideas below. - Beginner's area - New? Start here!
  5. Wavy

    Solved Main Forum Page

    Something somewhat unimportant but rather OCD for me.. We have a Microsoft section and a Playstation section. We should change either Microsoft to Xbox, or Playstation to Sony, so they match in category.
  6. Wavy

    Solved Nothing Important

    What if we recolored the circles under the "staff online now" section according to the user's staff role? Red circle border for admins, purple border for super, etc..? Just a thought, of course it is not needed though. Just a little something extra is all it is.
  7. Wavy

    Solved Halo: Master Chief Collection Section

    This game is out now, I think it should have it's own section. Even if nobody ever really talks in that section yet..
  8. Wavy

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Official Discussion Thread

    This thread is just to discuss everything about Advanced Warfare, and specifically what we do and do not like about it. My personal opinions: Pros: Exoskeletons bring a new and innovative game style to the game. Maps are very well designed. New and returning gametypes. Uplink is really good...
  9. Wavy

    Solved YouTube Changes

    Change the logo to this for now so we don't look so sloppy. Also, fix the banner, it is shifted down too far. Amazing DubbedNav
  10. Wavy

    Solved Opinions needed!

    What do we feel about changing some of the names of staff titles? I am currently fixing up the banner/userbars for displaying our titles. Writer -----> Journalist? Desire Starz Athena Tester -----> Forum Tester? Amazing GlitchyTea DubbedNav
  11. Wavy

    Solved New Sub-Section in Suggestions & Bugs

    I think that there should be a section called "Waitlisted" along with the "Implemented" and "Closed" Sub Sections. This means suggestions that are good but are not ready to be implemented yet go there.
  12. Wavy

    Solved 2 Bugs

    Bug 1 - Profile Tabs Display Error While stalking TheDonBro's profile page, I stumbled upon this... As you can see, DonBro is awesome. Although the bug involves me being in the "Gamer Cards" tab but at the same time, I am viewing his "Warnings" tab. Then, I click on his "Warnings" tab and...
  13. Wavy

    What are you currently thinking about?

    Me, I am thinking about my dog. She started acting weird so I took her in. In summary, we may be looking at a tumor. There is a possibility of it being cancerous. Remaining hopeful!
  14. Wavy

    Team Amplify | Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan | Random Videos

    Hey guys, this was my clan in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Here are some of the fun moments we had. Keep in mind I swear a lot because I am very competitive :) Team Amplify - YouTube We have pretty much all dispersed from the clan now, because clan wars are over and I as the leader of the clan, am...
  15. Wavy

    What are your future plans?

    Just post what you want to do in the future from where you are. For me, I hope to get my Associates in Science degree at the end of this year and spend another 4-5 years obtaining my Chiropractic license. Yes, that much college is required. It may suck, but I will be making the big bucks by the...
  16. Wavy

    Solved Ghosts Miscellaneous Section Closed?

    Thanks xLust for reporting this. Why is this section closed off? That part of the Ghosts section should be open for topics that do not fit any one of the sub-sections above. Just lock the threads that do not require people to respond to. In fact, this is a problem in many sections. The thread...
  17. Wavy

    UKF Dubstep Tutorials

    These sound sick in some solid, deep bass speakers... Tutorial One: Tutorial Two: Tutorial Three:
  18. Wavy

    Supernatural Season 10 (coming October 7th)

    Anyone watch this show and are fully caught up? I cannot wait for this to come out. The show is super addicting.
  19. Wavy

    Advanced Warfare Fuel Up For Battle: Dew and Doritos Promotion

    As many are already aware, Mountain Dew and Doritos are once again offering Call of Duty bonus content and XP to get more money from the public. This thread's purpose is to give you all the information you need to be successful at taking advantage of this promotion. First things first, head over...
  20. Wavy

    Knife Trolling at its Finest

    This dude's editing is on point with the reactions...