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  1. CallummL

    Need For Speed: Review

    Need For Speed has been one of the most anticipated games this year and now it is finally out. It offers intense racing, elegant drifting and amazing car customization. Create your own unique cars by wrapping them in stickers and create a magnificent piece of art for all to see and to be jealous...
  2. CallummL

    Introduction Howdy!

    Hello, Rival Gamer! My name is Callum and I am a Super Moderator from Rival Gamer. As you probably know by now, our two websites have been merged together and we hope we can bring our two amazing communities together. My rank here at RG will be Light Mod. My hobbies are, gaming, graphics, and...
  3. CallummL

    Solved Reported Content

    As you can see, I've been dealing with reports in the moderator section, I think these shouldn't come up on the recent posts, is there a way to disable this? Brad P S0reFinger
  4. CallummL

    Solved Userbars

    As you can see, on profiles the userbar gets cut short, this really bugs me, such bug much OCD.
  5. CallummL

    Solved Logo Link

    I've noticed the homepage has been removed, however the logo is still linked to it, which means it sends you to a broken link.
  6. CallummL

    Idk what to do?

    Alright, so I was just trying to sleep when my best friend messaged me asking for some help, I'm feeling ill as hell right now so I left my phone and decided to wait till morning to see what he needed. He then spammed me, so I got up and was like, "this must be urgent." He's been my best friend...
  7. CallummL

    Solved Premium

    I'm not too sure what is wrong but it seems like everyone who use to be a staff member, who now has premium, their name doesn't show the gold color. I'm not too sure whether this is a bug or do we have to change it manually? Thanks.
  8. CallummL

    Planning to do this

    Me and a friend are off to Wales in a few months to ride the longest zipline in Europe. It's called Velocity and is a company named Zip World. It's £50 per person and looks absolutely awesome! Would you have a go? We're planning on taking GoPros with us, so should be fun to record!
  9. CallummL

    New Channel Set Up

    This is an old thread, I've removed what was here previous as I've made a new channel. It's still a music distributing channel, however this time I've thought of a better name, got better graphics and a better video design. I'm also co running the channel with Legend and another friend...
  10. CallummL

    Saucy little quad

    Nice little quad feed ahah
  11. CallummL

    Mike Tysons Opinion on the fight

    So there is obviously so much in dispute right now about the big fight, who really won, blah blah. But this just came up on my FB newsfeed, thought I'd share it here. Just to clarify Tyson did Tweet saying the fight was boring, but he gives his opinion on Mayweather and says why he won.
  12. CallummL

    Amir Khan

    Amir Khan the British boxer has been approached by Mayweathers manager, Len Ellerbe after last nights big fight. Mayweathers manager has said that the fight will be big financially and will be good for Floyds last fight, before retirement. Here is what Amir Khan had to say: Amir Khan is 28...
  13. CallummL

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao

    Anyone going to be watching it this Saturday? If I can find somewhere streaming it, I'll surely be watching it! Starts at 4:00AM here in England though, dayum. In my opinion it's going to one hell of a fight, going to be a close one too. But Mayweather to win so he can keep that unbeaten record!
  14. CallummL

    Pizza Hut...

    This dad sure knows how to play it smooth! Nice try sir.
  15. CallummL

    Baltimore Protest

    So you've probably seen all over the internet the past few days about protests going on about cops killing and getting away with it, however just take the time to watch this video of a young man explain his thoughts and feelings about it. It truly has a message behind it and it makes a lot of...
  16. CallummL

    Typical British

    Just British things, ya' know...
  17. CallummL

    Tea or Coffee Person?

    Title says it all! Are you a tea drinker or do you live off coffee? Tea, two sugars for me! :)
  18. CallummL

    Bad Habits

    Anyone here at Rival Gamer got any bad habits? Mine is spending money as soon as I get it like it's going out of fashion. I don't even buy things I want nor find important, just purchase for the sake of purchasing. Should probably shake this habit off. eeek.
  19. CallummL


    So a man from Denmark has committed suicide after his dog which is classed a banned breed in his area was taken away from him and sadly euthanised. The owner was given 8 days to come up with evidence that his dog wasn't dangerous and that the breed was not in fact banned, however this task was...