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  1. WarHeadinc

    Solved Site is broken?

    Not sure if its happening to every user but Seem to be broken
  2. WarHeadinc

    Xbox 360 Dash Update 17489 | Download

    Here is all you need. 17489 - (17489).rar?dl=0 Avatar Update -$$ystemUpdate.rar?dl=0 (This is real ver off my console. The xeBuild download avatar does not work!) Virus Scans 17489 -...
  3. WarHeadinc

    Xbox 360 Dash Update 17489

    Now 17489 dash just dropped on xbox 360 systems (Not sure about Xbox one since I do not own the console). Here is a bit of info with the new 17489 update 2GB Cloud Storage Starting today you will now be able to use up to 2GB of Cloud Storage on your Xbox 360. Use your Cloud Storage to save...
  4. WarHeadinc

    BO3 - Who else is ready for BO3?

    Game is almost here. So what platform are you buying it for?
  5. WarHeadinc

    S0reThumbs Video

    Finally got around to do this and I put this on the top of editing list. Enjoy and hope this brings in more people :)
  6. WarHeadinc

    Solved S0reThumbs Fun Night?

    Something I thought about. ST Fun Night. All members can play online on consoles or pc and just get to know each other. Also I know ST has a youtube channel. So what we could do on fun nights is record (If people have a recording device). Can start posting on there of funny moments and stuff...
  7. WarHeadinc

    Solved Torrents section

    Torrents section is all here and there. Wondering if you can make it a movie section and other sections like software and stuff.
  8. WarHeadinc

    Solved Navigation on the buttom

    Just making sure everything was ok until the site started bugging out on me. this is how it should look like. Then this happens If you hover over it. It will flicker back and forward. Now no one really thinks about...
  9. WarHeadinc

    Solved Something is not right here.

    Admins. You might need to fix this. Its not a big deal but Im not sure if this is a bug in the navigation bar or not. I know I could have posted the pic on here but I was being lazy.
  10. WarHeadinc

    Solved A feedback system for lobbies & recoveries

    I got to thinking today and looked in the Freebies and Services forum. I was like hmm. There is no feedback for hosters/modders. Cant post feedback to tell if someone was hosting a legit lobby or bought a recovery from someone. what im saying is this. There is no rating system for people who...
  11. WarHeadinc

    Xbox 360 Live Codes

    Do you even need a 48hr code but dont know where to find one cheap and fast? Click on this site here > Best way to get a live code for cheap price. Note: Im not throwing up an advertisement or anything like that. Im only helping...
  12. WarHeadinc

    Just an update video :)

  13. WarHeadinc

    WarHeadinc - Modding/Gaming Channel

    Just a small channel i have. it just have modding videos. maybe a couple funny and walkthrough videos too. WarHeadinc - YouTube give me sone feedback about my channel pls :) its faster clicking on my sig since im on my phone.
  14. WarHeadinc

    Solved Sig Problems

    So I got a new sig last night and it saved and all but when I get on a post and see my old comments. My sig is not there. I dont know if any other member seen it like its broken or not. When I go edited my sig its fine and showing that its there. Could it be a problem with Rival Gamer not...
  15. WarHeadinc

    WarHeadinc's GTA V TU20 Recovery Service Proof

    Sorry for the shaking. My other device broke.
  16. WarHeadinc

    (Direct) Xbox 360 Neighborhood With Plugins Download (Rgh-Jtag-RTAG only)

    So some people has been looking for this so I been looking around. Thanks to XXModernWarfareXX on youtube I went back to the link I had (It was taken down tho) This only works if you are running a modded console. A Flashed Console will not work! So here is Neighborhood for your Jtag, RGH and...
  17. WarHeadinc

    (Direct) Xbox 360 17150 Dashboard with avatar (Download)

    Need to update your dash on your RGH/Jtag? xeBuild_GUI_2.094 (17150) This already has the updates software in them for you. NOTE: If you dont know how to update your Dash. Go look online. Its not my fault if you brick your console. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR flashdmp JUST IN CASE YOU NEED TO REFLASH...
  18. WarHeadinc

    Solved Text matching the background.

    Zero is there a way to change the text to black or something? Cant hardly see what im clicking on. This also happens tagging someone. This is only in the Premium them. I do know there is also some people with the black theme. When you save something or make a post. The scroll down that tells you...
  19. WarHeadinc

    My Online Ghost Recovery Video