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  1. Beadsman20

    Cinema 3d and Adobe After Effects

    I am looking for anyone who is good with cinema 3d and adobe after effects. If you are good with any or both plz leave a comment or message me directly
  2. Beadsman20

    PS3 Jstar Victory Vs+ Mini Tool

    Game just came out on Ipt so i haven't found much so far. :tears: Pic of Tool So here you go Download Jstar Victory Vs+ MiniTool Updated Virus scan
  3. Beadsman20

    OtakuS United :tears:

    So this here thread is to post your favorite animes or animes you intend on watching. But also so I can probably watch them too and see if its as amazing as you say it is so all suggestions welcome. No Boku No Pico plz :tears:
  4. Beadsman20

    Jstar Victory Vs+ Inbound

    Well if you are an anime fan you should know that jstar victory vs+ will be released on the 30th of this month. so what I want to know is how many of you will be getting this amazing games
  5. Beadsman20

    How to change psn orb

    Gear Required : - A PS3 Jailbreak 4.46 CFW under test or else !A USB - key for PKG- The other CFW For FileZilla to transfer the fileAnd of course a Brain & a Joystick Then start for those who are in 4.46 1- First download the PKG (↓) 2 - Put the root of the USB keyThe 3 - install its CFW Install...
  6. Beadsman20

    How To Make a Debug Eboot

    [TUT] How To Make A Debug Eboot For RTM For Any Game Ok first off your going to need these files: - TrueAncestor SELF Resigner v1.85 - make_fself 1.) Get the file that you want to use and move it to your desktop. It could be an Eboot to run the game on DEX or it can be a self file...
  7. Beadsman20

    PS3 All Ps3 debug settings (dex)

    • O Button Behavior Switch the assignment of the “O” button to “X” button (like for japans games/region settings). – “Enter” : assign the “Enter” function to “O” button – “Back” : assign the “Enter” function to “X” button. • NP Environment Edit the...
  8. Beadsman20

    Ps4 and ps3 Game for cheap

    Hi there im selling games for ps3 and when I get for ps4. I will be selling for that too. But I currently have a selection for ps3 games. these games are sold cheap just if ur interested just private message me
  9. Beadsman20

    Webman control on pc

    don't know if this is known or not I personally just did it on accident but here goes. first of all to do this ur ps3 and pc needs to be on the same internet connection then just open a browser and type or whatever ur ps3 ip is and that's it from here u can navigate to...
  10. Beadsman20

    PS3 Best Spoofer

    If u don't want to update to a less desirable firmware and still want access to online. Then there is only one sensible choice. just uprade to the best spoofer out and enjoy. Dropbox - SEN Enabler v5.8.0 [CEX-DEX] [4.70].rar Credits to EvilNat Note. this spoofer works an all firmwares
  11. Beadsman20

    Introduction I am the captain now

    Look. Look at me I am captain now. my name is Beadsman other wise known as ur captain. if u want proof of this u can look at my profile picture very captain like right. yes I knew you would say that. But for all u who doubt me as being ur captain I shall give u a valid reason. that reason is yes...