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    Solved Avatar's

    I think we should extend the avatar box some more.Its small and shows little detail.I would think everyone would want to see a nice full image instead of a box.There should be limits to staff,prime,and regular members to how big there box is.
  2. Quiet

    Solved Custom Banner

    This is a really neat suggestion.We should allow Prime members to have custom banners above there name.If you check out MPGH they have a good way of showing them.Some other sites have it like them but they do there's better.
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    Solved Email

    We need to have a monthly newsletter sent out.Since th merging of Rival Gamer some users may still be trying to access th old sit.Please send an email out to everyone about this.
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    Introduction Hello everyone

    Hello fellow Rivalgamers members.My name is Twerk or you can call me Trey.It is nice to see we were merged from Rival Gamer as I used to be a super moderator.I am happy to be here and help out in any way I see fit.Hope everyone wouldn't mind accepting me into the community.
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    Solved Reach staff

    There needs to be a way for members to tag us easier instead of having to use the @.Like make a group where when the use @Staff it links to all the staff.
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    Solved Dask Suggestion

    Just a suggestion.When it shows AM it should say good morning and when it shows PM show Good evening.
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    Solved Custom Usergroups Idea

    This may change some format on the site if we go with this idea.I don't want to take any ideas from any sites but we should let users get custom usergroups.Like this: Minion Force=Same thing as Section Mod Middleman=Trusted person in holding an item in a deal between 2 users Princess=...
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    Solved GFX Crew

    We should make a GFX Usergroup.People who specialize in that section.They can help us make banners and different items for the site. Nekrotic
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    Solved Subforums

    We need subforums in some game sections.COD and GTA.Its confusing with the prefixes all out of order. Subforums for COD: COD Support COD Lobbies COD General Discussion COD Tutorials COD News For COD we need to split the games up.As of now we support: AW BO2 Ghost MW2 Sections need to be made...
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    Solved B/S/T Section

    We need a marketplace section.I wouldn't mind running it.Some users may want to sell other items. Brad P S0reFinger
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    Solved Badges

    Brad P S0reFinger Lets add these back in.They actually show that you did something around the community.
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    Solved Intro's

    When we see new members sign up we should point them over to the intro section.Shows them we care and support them.
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    Solved Freebies and Services

    There needs to be a Lobbies sub forum in the Freebies and services.Helps people see the difference between a recovery service and lobby instead of jumbling them in one sub forum.
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    Solved Moderators

    Hello everyone.This is for the Admins.Can you let the mod be able to edit in the announcements.Also if so move old threads from implemented if it is not fixed?
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    Solved Monthly Newsletter

    Hello everyone.We should have a monthly or weekly newsletter for the site sent out in emails for old members.As we know the site URL has changed a bit and some people don't know the new one.Just an idea for future reference.
  16. Quiet

    Anonymous Says "Sandra Bland Was Murdered", Calls For National "Day of Rage"!

    Sandra Bland didn't deserve to be killed for a small traffic violation.Evidence shows she was killed before her mugshot picture.Said in the video Anonymous will revenge her as they know all personal information on the police station officers.Whats your opinion?
  17. Quiet

    Solved Cover not showing.

    I don't have the option to change the cover on my profile.
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    Solved Gif's

    Still can't see gif's for my profile.Any solution found yet?
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    Solved Like Farming

    This is just an easy way to farm likes.Just set a post limit.
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    Solved Status of Members

    Just wanted know the status of the members listed below. Y07C48 Athena Criminal Desire Starz Legless Joshy RainbowKush Zeus Zeugato The reason I am doing this is because some may have forgotten the link or don't have access.I believe we should reach out to them?Please list anyone else that I...