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  1. Cyb3r

    Exclusive Uncharted 3 SPRX Mod Menu

    It has been a while since I released something good, this project started 2 years ago or so but I dropped it due to lack of interest in modding and also my PS3 died after a while so I couldn't finish it anyway. I got another PS3 two weeks ago and I thought I should finish it this project and...
  2. Cyb3r

    Tool jkPatch RPC NetCheat API

    This is an implementation of jkpatch RPC to work with NetCheat and it's pretty much fast, also NetCheat has some cool features that other apps doesn't have. Anyway here's a brief instructions on how to use it: Download the file in the link below, extract it and drop it into your NetCheat "APIs"...
  3. Cyb3r

    News Seeking PlayStation 4 Moderators

    No prior modding experience is required but the applicant must be aware of the changes in PS4 scene at least and able to help members with their inquiries when needed. Also has to be fully aware of the site rules and policies. For more information about the positions please join our discord...
  4. Cyb3r

    News All exclusive RG content are free to use!

    Hey guys, I finally decided to make all our exclusive free to all our members, the main reason why we didn't do that earlier is because all the leeches going on in the scene and also in hope that we can keep the site up and running by selling prime upgrades. But since we're not getting much from...
  5. Cyb3r

    [0.3] Beta

    Sup everyone. This is a project I have been working on for the last few days. It's pretty simple but I think most of you guys will find it useful. The project aims to have as much as possible PSN tools on it. for now I have added 3 tools mentioned down below. I will be adding more soon. Link...
  6. Cyb3r

    Rival Gamer Media Gallery

    Sup RG folks! Here's another addition to our community in hope to increase the activity and share some fun. We just implemented the gallery for fun. You can share anything in your mind as long as it doesn't break the site general rules. For myself, I will be...
  7. Cyb3r

    Exclusive Destiny RTM Tool

    Hey guys, sorry for the delay it was a busy week and also I had an extensive work on the site to re-brand it and make it more awesome for you guys to enjoy. Anyway here's the latest version of my famous destiny too (old design also looks awesome xD). Download: [ ] Virus Scan: [...
  8. Cyb3r

    BO3 Zombies First look + Score Editor

    Amazing! But I didn't like the guns he used. :p
  9. Cyb3r

    Exclusive Plants Vs Zombies RTM Tool

    Sup RG folks, sorry for being idle for the last couple of months, anyway here's a another release for you guys hope you enjoy it, I will be adding more mods when I have more time, here's the current features: Infinite Health Infinite Ammo Max Money After 1 Wave Max & Infinite Challenge Stars...
  10. Cyb3r

    How to bypass black screen on System Software mode [Rebug only]

    Hey guys, i see a lot of ppl asking on how to debug games like UC2, MGS Zero and other games who will give you black screen if you run it on DEX, this method is old and i have been using it since rebug 4.46, so let's begin to explain this. You have to be on Rebug DEX firmware, you can't do...
  11. Cyb3r

    FAQ How to use profile covers

    Hello GZ folks, here's a new addition for you guys to enjoy being a loyal and good members of GZ, profile covers is a header image will be displayed on your profile. First of all you have to purchase it with coins it's only cost 100 coins which means you can get them easily, after that got to...
  12. Cyb3r

    FAQ Referrals Credit System

    So as feature of the credit system we have added a referral system which allows members to invite others using unique link and get a reward in return, also highest referral members will be at the higher on our promotions list, so let me show you how to that. You have 2 options both will...
  13. Cyb3r

    News Rival Gamer XP Points Earn/Gift/Exchange/Purchase And More.

    Hello RG folks, in order to keep the board active we decided to give you the ability to gain something in return of being active, so we have added new feature and by that feature you can earn some XP Points to level up and spend them on shop, gift them to others or just let them pile up in your...
  14. Cyb3r

    Exclusive Uncharted 2 RTM Stats Tool

    Hello RG! This tool was released by me long time ago and now it's time to be on public, the game servers is about to get closed by NaughtyDog so enjoy while you can. Features: Stats Editing Money Kills Deaths Wins Losses Co-op Points Time Played Cheats GodMode Infinite Ammo Misc. Legit...
  15. Cyb3r

    PS3 Resident Evil 5 RTM Tool

    Hello RG folks! This is a small tool for RE5 Gold Edition 2.0 that has some cool features, most mods are mine and some is not, the credits are in the tool, hope you like it and enjoy it. Features: Cheats Infinite Health Immunity Infinite Ammo 1 Hit Kill Mercenaries Time And Combo Never...
  16. Cyb3r

    FAQ How to protect your content on RG

    Hello guys, just wanted to give you a hint on how to get the use of your full permissions and tools, as we know the board is opened to everyone and anyone can just register and get anything he wants then leave, so i have made something to prevent that, now you can know who has downloaded your...
  17. Cyb3r

    PS3 Any games in mind?

    Hello GZ freaks. :D So i wanted to know which games you would like to see mods for it, currently i have 2 games on my to do list: Battlefield: Hardline Resident Evil 6 I know battlefield is pain in the as* but i could try to get some mods for it if i can, Re6 i already found some mods but i...
  18. Cyb3r

    Exclusive [1.11] The Last of Us ultimate tool

    SPRX Menu is now available for Primes only [ Click Here ] Hello Everyone, this an ultimate tool for TLOU, i might add more mods later when i get sometime! ;) Common Mods: God Mode. Infinite Ammo. Infinite Items. Infinite Oxygen. Infinite Flamethrower. 1 Hit Kill. (Thanks to draco_cool)...
  19. Cyb3r

    Your suggestions are welcomed!

    Hello friends, as you all know the site is just got live and i'm really out of ideas, so if you have any suggestions, thoughts or things you want to see here please do not hesitate and post it here and i will see what i can do, the site was made for you not me, Thanks!
  20. Cyb3r

    Exclusive How to Mod any game by yourself!

    Hello RG members, today i'll learn you a big thing to find and do what you like in ps3 debugger, this lesson is targeting and intermediate ps3 debugger users, so the pro's are off the topic :p, so let's start. Our objective: How to find caller functions in ProDG Debugger. Introduction: The...