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  1. Cain532


    Hello to all of my lovely RivalGamer's out there :D I know things around here have been very lax and not much has been happening. But I feel that now is a good time to tell you all that we are under new management! I want to personally thank @Cyb3r for everything he has done for this...
  2. Cain532

    PS4 Open Source PS4 Debugger!

    I've been workin pretty hard on this, I hope it helps you guys out!!! Here is the link to the GitHub page :P I know I haven't posted much in a while and I am sorry for that. Life has been getting rather busy haha.
  3. Cain532

    PS3 Red Dead Rekt RELEASE

    Menu has been updated!! Please report any problems here on this thread or on the Discord channel :D [[IMPORTANT]] I am well aware of all the issues related to this sprx and I am currently working on it. I am very sorry to those of you that are having problesm loading the mod menu and I thank...
  4. Cain532

    PS3 RedDeadRekt release is right around the corner!!

    Hello to my favorite community!!! It it with GREAT pleasure that I announce the upcoming release of RedDeadRekt! a sprx mod menu for Red Dead Redemption that has been in development for the better part of the last 3 years! The release date is TENTATIVELY SCHEDULED for July 1st!!! Many will...
  5. Cain532

    PS4 GTA V Menu Base!

    So, this is an amazing resource! With the advent of PS4 modding becoming more readily available this is an excellent go between to get people involved with the scene. GTA V has been a great stepping stone for many modders mainly due to the massive modder support behind the series. Now it is an...
  6. Cain532

    Introduction [STAFF] Cain532 Introduction :D

    Hey there everybody :D So, I am a pretty simple person I think. I started modding back in 2013 roughly and my first game was Halo PC actually. It was a terrible attempt lmfao I had a C# form with an ass load of buttons and each button opened a VBS script file that wrote the memory. It was ugly...
  7. Cain532

    Calling all modders!!

    I need help!! Anybody here familiar with parsing arguments to a native function in any R* game. I have made a breakthrough with Red Dead Redemption but I need a bit more help!
  8. Cain532

    RTE tutorial :P

    Part 1 of 2. Video tutorial on coding a very basic RTE tool!
  9. Cain532

    PS2 Softmod Tutorial

    I'm super proud that I was finally able to push this video out. It took so long for me to do! Hope you all enjoy it!!
  10. Cain532

    Other PS2 Multi Game Exploit :D

    Hey there everyone :D So, I'm in the midst of editing my PS2 Softmod tutorial (Updated) and I found something interesting! The Title.DB exploit method will allow you to have multiple games loaded to a single exploit! So I am bringing this to you all :) Here is a list of the games that I've added...
  11. Cain532

    News Social Media and other RivalGamer outlets!

    Hello there my babies :h: I've been working very hard to get several things up and running such as a Discord Channel, YouTube channel and a Twitter account all for RivalGamer!!! RivalGamer Discord I'm developing a bot to help with a lot of basic functions and I got some cool thoughts on what to...
  12. Cain532

    Exclusive Trying something new :P

    So! I am super excited to bring this to you all! It's a RivalGamer exclusive series I am calling YouTube Interactive! As long as you are a member of our Discord Channel you can take part in this :P With YouTube Interactive, I will be doing video game runs with minimal item pickups! along with...
  13. Cain532

    Modding Videos

    Here's a playlist of the Modding videos I've made in the past, and it will continue to grow! If you have suggestions on what you want to see please let me know!!
  14. Cain532

    Be My Player 2!

    I'm starting a side channel called Be My Player 2 where I have friends come over and we play our favorite games together! Many more videos to come, ranging across ALL the consoles I have at my disposal (And trust me, there are a lot ;) )
  15. Cain532

    CEX To DEX Conversion!

    Made a video on converting from CEX to DEX! Go check out the second part! it goes over the basics of reversing functions on one of my favorite games!
  16. Cain532

    Beginners Guide to Jailbreaking! (pt1)

    Starting to really ramp up the YouTube Channel :D I need you guys to help get these videos out to anybody who needs them!
  17. Cain532

    Need help with a couple big projects! Make RivalGamer Great Again!

    I came back to the modding scene 6 months after some work related travels with renewed fondness for the scene and a yearning to bring forth some amazing content. I want RivalGamer to thrive and become the amazing center of modding that we all know it can be and I got a few projects lined up...
  18. Cain532

    Calling all PC Modders!!

    I know you all are out there hiding in the corners of the internet ;) Look I'll come right out and say it; I need help from some of you crafty PC modders because I'd LOVE to see some more PC content here on RivalGamer! I'm working with someone on a PCLib to add to my ever growing MultiLib...
  19. Cain532

    Great resource for GTA5

    Check this link out. It's got everything you could need to get started on your own sprx! Massive list of all known natives in an easy to follow GUI. Poke around a bit and as always if you have further questions, just ask!! GTA V Natives database
  20. Cain532

    PS3 Hitman Absolution (BLUS)

    Woo!! Hey there everybody! I know it's been ages since I've released anything, but hopefully this breaks the dry spell! anxify and myself have been working hard to bring you all this tool, we've had a lot of fun making it! It uses the API Vault system here on RG, so as we find new features they...