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  1. TehShooter

    Introduction Its been a while...

    Time to reintroduce my self, as I hope to be welcomed back here to be more active again! If you don't know me, my name is Stephen! The reason I tell you is my Gamertag gives it away now, and it doesn't really matter to keep it a secret. I am an aspiring gamer who loves to show off creations or...
  2. TehShooter

    News Minecraft On Switch Now Will Feature Cross Platform Xbox Achievements

    Looks like the switch has switched over to cross account type features! In a Gamespot interview with Microsoft, they talked about the upcoming bedrock port of Minecraft and gave out one of the most interesting details that we can all agree on, shouldn't have even happened! They got Nintendo's...
  3. TehShooter

    PC Modding MurderMiners [First Public Tutorial/Release]

    That's the video I made on it. You can make your own and PM Mr it and I'll post it on this thread. Notice: You must register on-site to access exclusive content premade. RivalMiner 1.0 Features: Updated 4/17/18 VS...
  4. TehShooter

    Exclusive My Mixer Channel

    Mixer I live stream daily now from 3-5pm EST or 5-7pm EST What Games? -Minecraft -CoD -Astroneer -Forza Horizon 3 -Halo (All versions mostly) -Forhonor -Burnout Paradise (With Vanity Pack Mods) PC Stuff? Yes, depends if my connection is strong enough. (I usually stream at like 512p, not a...
  5. TehShooter

    Other Xbox One SideLoading Emulators

    How to Sideload Emulators on your Xbox One What you need beforehand! -Xbox One with Dev Mode installed (20$) -A Computer with Wifi or Wired connection to your router -The UWP applications 1.) Enable RemoteAccess 2.) Type in the address it gives you or http://XBOXONE:(Port they give you) 3.)...
  6. TehShooter

    Introduction [STAFF] A Small Bit About Me

    Hey, some of you might know me! I've been on RG for 3ish years now! (Since 2015) I used to be apart of the other community that merged with gamerzone which is RG today! Well you came here for some interesting stuff about me, so read ahead! On the Interwebs I'm a forumer, on many websites over...
  7. TehShooter

    Solved [Chrome Mobile Tested] A Lot of lag when loading pages.

    Hey I have a issue currently! I'm on a LG G4 on a 150mbs internet connect, and a lot of the time I get extreme slowdowns, and some things will send twice (in pms). A light mode might help and countervent that problem. Thanks! (If you actually have a fix PM me or post it publicly.)
  8. TehShooter

    Other Sniff IP's wirelessly/wired on Xbox Live [Beginners Guide] [Video+Text]

    Text Tutorial 1. Download Cain, and disable your firewall 2. Open Cain and go to configure, and select your wifi card or router (ips should show) 3. Go to the Sniffer tab, and go to the bottom and select APR. 4. Click in the white space in the upper area and then click the blue plus. 5...
  9. TehShooter

    I'm gonna come back!

    I know i've been inactive for more than a year (school, etc), but i'm going to try being active on here with some content to possibly share! I mean this won't be the only site im going to be active on, but this will be the first. Cheers! -TehShooter
  10. TehShooter

    Other [Drew xKoVx] JTAG Organizer

    TUTORIAL BY: Drew McIntyre WITH PERMISSION TO POST FOR HIM! What does it do? It sorts all of your modding files very easily, saving you plenty of time. How do I use it? Simply put the .exe in a folder, and also put all the modding files in also. After, you open the .exe and press Organize...
  11. TehShooter

    Other Nes, SNES, GB, Genisis Games On XBOX ONE

    Banable Status: UNDETECTABLE How to play classic Nintendo games and Sega Games on Xbox One! With just a few steps needed! (Buggy for very heavy working games) Step 1 Dumping ROM's Okay first off to get your roms look up this phrase online " Game title " ROM Simple! Now head over to that...
  12. TehShooter

    PC Minecraft Mod [1.8.8] - Corrupt Craft 0.5.4

    Corrupt Craft [Current 0.5.3b FR] [Current Testing 0.5.4b] [Minecraft Version 1.8.9] [New testing version available] Hey guys! I'm making a Minecraft mod (maybe a server for this mod!!!) Called Corrupt Craft! In a distant dimension a group of people called the Corrupttints went and did some...
  13. TehShooter

    Introduction A Ledgend Uprises!

    Well I'm back! What has gone on in the past months: 1. Got a free unlimited traffic awesome VPN premium 2. Got a MC Server I may put into this site again 3. Stopped development on game until December, and that will be my redo of the game. 4. Got XBOX Preview Program. 5. Got into this site again...
  14. TehShooter

    Solved Able to view hidden content if someone quoted it when unlocked

    Well I saw a post and the one thing that struck me while reading the comments I saw a quote with the hidden stuff all unlocked and there. I feel that if someone dose this they could basically destroy the point of the HIDE tags. Proof: (BTW I don't have the content...
  15. TehShooter

    Xbox Twitch Streaming

    Hey guys im streaming! Below will be details! [I am also going to keep using this thread] Itz_gaming_time is my channel! Today im playing alot of games follow my journey!
  16. TehShooter

    Solved Global Contests Section

    Something that would be nice. You will get awards if you do the following: RG Contest Holder: Do your first contest! RG Supporter: Contribute 2 or more items to an official giveaway or contest by a RG Ledgend, global mod, or higher! Giver: Do 5 contests Now these ^ don't need to be implemented...
  17. TehShooter

    How to get a couple free steam games every couple months!

    Hey guys I'm going to show you how to get steam games completely*1 free! Note these steam games are not your choice, but my be enjoyable! *1 Lets get started! 1. Go to a site called 2. Signup on the site. 3. Hover over your name, hit steam keys! (picture for...
  18. TehShooter

    Introduction A redo of my older introduction

    Hey guys my name is TehShooter ! I love to play all sorts of games, and also talk to my cool community here! I have a small little business called XSTREAMGAMES Or XSTREAMAPPS! I have some android apps for free on the appstore and feel free to check them out! I have a website also! I'm the...
  19. TehShooter

    Minecraft Server World Stealer [1.8-1.9.4] [FREE]

    Minecraft Server World Stealer! Below will be rules, requirements, what I can do, along with versions! Notice If the world is unable to be downloaded you will have a day to pick another server or part of that server! PROOF: AcePVP, I took there Spawn and heres a download along as there thread...
  20. TehShooter

    How to get verified on Youtube

    Notice this only works for very popular people I'd advise you do this at a later point so you can get a better chance for this to work. Hey guys, so you want to be verified on YouTube? Great you came to the right place! Now there's 2 verifications. >Normal ---- Popular< Bellow we are...