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    PS3 Tried to make my own modded EBOOT

    The Electricity code should definitely not cause you any problems, it does not even involve a custom routine out in the middle of nowhere. That should be 100% safe to use. As for the addresses thing like "0 00564ED4 3D600012", the 2nd part, 00564ED4, is the address in live PS3 memory that gets...
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    PS3 help me

    I have never seen anyone make codes for Blades Of Time before other than myself, and my codes were for Blades Of Time BLES01395 v01.01 av01.00. With that, I don't know if they are compatible with your version. All you can do is try and hope, and if they fail, manually port them on your own.
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    PS3 Tried to make my own modded EBOOT

    Those sound like the exact correct options. 1 to decrypt, 2 to encrypt as non-npdrm eboot. I'm used to doing nothing but dex eboots at this point so I likely avoid a ton of errors that others would encounter so I'm a little lost on the black screen. I previously got black screens in the game by...
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    PS3 Tried to make my own modded EBOOT

    Actual version doesn't matter, what matters is the App version, and ours match meaning your version is identical to mine. I also previously had yours. Your version is the Infamous 1 disk that I had, but I also had the Infamous collection which has both along with the DLC which is why mine says...
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    PS3 Tried to make my own modded EBOOT

    What is your GameID, Version, and App Version? All of these details are in the PARAM.SFO. My codes were made for and specifically tested on BCUS98119 version 02.00 app version 01.00. If your details are different, then it is easily possible your eboot is different. That difference will make the...
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    We are looking for cheat pkg creators (PC,PS4,3) and we are rewarding them based on number of cheat pkgs created [See bellow]

    You're paying people to make cheat packages? How did it ever get so technical to click a button? People don't know how to use a mouse anymore? Are they banging their heads on their keyboards to get here?
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    PS3 Infamous chest pkg request

    Make your own package. Grab the PS3 Codes Artemis database in my signature. Decrypt your eboot, add your own codes, encrypt your eboot again, copy to your PS3, play. You don't need content creators for this, you guys asking for packages and eboots need to stop being lazy and make your own. The...
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    Cants find pkg cheats
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    Cants find pkg cheats

    You could make your own modified eboots. It's very easy and you'll never need to beg others. There's tutorials for it on this site and others. TrueAncestor Resigner, e/s/s/s/e resigner, PS3EMPM, CMP Auto Tools, scetool, whatever you can find.
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    PS3 God of War Ghost Of Sparta NPUA80636-100

    Try making your own modified eboot dude. It's easy, and you'll never need to ask a soul to help you ever again.
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    PS3 God of War Chain Of Olympus NPUA80637-100

    Quoting myself again for you: Hiei-YYH did constant write memory pointer codes for that. All you'd need to do with haxxxen's version is do the button combo to disable codes and you should be fine. I've never used his version even though it should fix a bunch of bugs and add a few more things...
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    PS3 God of War Chain Of Olympus NPUA80637-100

    If you're going to wait around for somebody to do things for you, you might die of old age. It's like I said before:
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    burnout paradise

    I post all of my codes on the forums. I don't post stuff anywhere else.
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    burnout paradise

    I had those bottom 2 codes in the disk version of the game. I didn't have the thing I'd truly call invincibility, but nothing can trigger you to crash even though you still get bumped around. In the game's update I did have a button toggle code to trigger allowing every vehicle to pass through...
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    But you're the uncharted hack god. If the god of all uncharted hacks doesn't know, I think we're all doomed. How will we ever hack it?
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    PS3 Hi. I'm looking for cheat pkg for darksiders 2 ps3 bles 01597 (I,'m not sure id is true), please give me cheat pkg

    You can do eboot modding. Use TrueAncestor to decrypt your game's eboot, add the codes, encrypt it back to normal, copy to PS3, and you're good to go. I don't remember how to make packages, and packages don't always work, so that's your gamble if you go the package route. Your EBOOT.BIN is at...
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    PS3 Hi. I'm looking for cheat pkg for darksiders 2 ps3 bles 01597 (I,'m not sure id is true), please give me cheat pkg

    I suppose I don't know which links still work, but I know at least 1 of the links still work.
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    PS3 Hi. I'm looking for cheat pkg for darksiders 2 ps3 bles 01597 (I,'m not sure id is true), please give me cheat pkg

    Artemis database, Medo did codes for the game. Max Coins on Gain Infinite Skill Points (Must have at least 1) Max + Infinite Wrath Max Stats After 1 Fight (9999) Max Reaper Gauge + Infinite Reaper Mode Max Yellow Coins After Save Max Coins On Load Max Blue Coins After Save
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    PS3 Ned For Speed The Run Cheats requiest

    Artemis database, jgduff1 from did some codes for it. He also doesn't know what he is doing, sp dpn't be surprised if things don't work or the game crashes.
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    God of War Ascension and God of War 3 pkg cheats Either find codes on your own, various websites, or in the artemis database in my signature.