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  1. anxify

    Introduction [STAFF] Anxify

    Hello! Rival Gamer, I wanted to start off by thanking the following people for being apart of my journey: @Cain532 @Cyb3r @LEGACYY :) Now let's talk about me :p I've been apart of both the PS3 & Xbox360 modding community going on a little close to 5 years (makes me feel old xD). I learned to...
  2. anxify

    Other Coding Mentor

    Hello Rival Gamers, I am in search of mentees that i can mentor in Developing C# or any other programming language they would like to learn. It is going to be a learning process for myself and you! Even if you’re just getting into coding, or don’t know anything.. don’t worry!:) we all start...
  3. anxify

    Source MW3 Rival Ops SPRX Menu

    Hello, Rival Gamers :p Today I have for a sprx menu I've been working on,but never had the time to finish,but anyways I've added Comments in the source explaining how to add options and all that jazz :biggrin: All Options that are already in it work so feel free to add on to it :) Screenshot...
  4. anxify

    PC Spotify Premium (Desktop Version)

    Hello RivalGamers, Today I bring to you Spotify AdBlocker for the Latest Desktop Version! Things you will need: PC (With Admin Rights) Latest Spotify.exe Installed. A Brain :p Let's Get started! :) 1. Close Spotify (If running) 2. Simply Run Spotify AD Blocker - anxify.bat (Disable...
  5. anxify

    Offsets [1.19] BO2 Change String Addresses

    Hello, RivalGamers! I hope you all make some awesome tools with these addresses that I found :) Enjoy! Screenshot: Add this anywhere into your code: public static string ByteArrayToString(byte[] bytes) { ASCIIEncoding aSCIIEncoding = new ASCIIEncoding(); return...
  6. anxify

    Tool HitMan Absloution 1.02 RTM Tool (CEX & DEX)

    Hello Rival Gamers! I'm here with another release! Although it is very small, I have many more mods to come so stay tuned ;) If you would like the offets and bytes pm on here and I will be glading to help you out :) Enjoy! Screenshots:
  7. anxify

    Tool CS:GO RTM Tool [1.01]

    How's it going everyone, I was messing around with this game and found somethings you guys might like. So I made a tool for you all to enjoy! :p I Hope you like it :) Screenshots: Download:
  8. anxify

    Release Uncharted 3 [1.19] Eboot Builder + Source

    Hello, Rival Gamers :h: I put together a simple tool for you all to enjoy and learn from (and Hopefully make your own eboot builder with :) Screenshot: Downloads: (No Virus Scan Needed because source is Included :p)
  9. anxify

    PS3 Uncharted 3 RTM Tool (Stats + More)

    Hello RG, Today I'm releasing my Uncharted 3 Tool! I hope you all like :D Please leave your feed back on what you think of it :p Screenshots: What this tool includes/Change log: Recovery Stats for Multiplayer 1Hit Kill Speed Modifiers Energy Modifiers Name Changer + Flashing Name Coming...
  10. anxify

    Other Updating Offsets using IDA Pro

    Hello, RG Members, This is going to be a small tutorial on how to update Offsets with IDA PRO This is useful if you want to update some Offsets for your tool and so on... In this tutorial I will be basing it on GTA V and updating an Offset from 1.24 to 1.25. I will be updating the "No Cops"...
  11. anxify

    Tool Black Ops II 1.19 RPC Tool (DEX+CEX)

    Hello RG, Today I'm releasing my Black Op 2 RTM Tool, Includes RPC and all dlls needed to run the tool! Enjoy :) Screenshots: Download: (3/57 Due to Heavy Encryption)
  12. anxify

    Other How to Make a Skype Tool

    Using the Skype4Com library Hello, and welcome to another tutorial :) I am sorry that I haven't been all that active recently :( ,but I hope this will make up for it. In advance I do apologize for any grammatical errors or anything that isn't explained correctly. If you have any queries feel...
  13. anxify

    PC Shell Scripting - Writing your first bash script!

    Starting Off Each script starts with a "shebang" and the path to the shell that you want the script to use, like so: #!/bin/bash The "#!" combo is called a shebang by most Unix geeks. This is used by the shell to decide which interpreter to run the rest of the script, and ignored by the...
  14. anxify

    Offsets Minecraft TU36 Addresses Thread

    Hello Rival Gamers Welcome to the Official Minecraft Offsets Thread ;] Current Offsets found by me are the Following :laugh: Block Selection: N/A Camera Shake: N/A Hud Size: N/A Sensitivity: N/A Sky Color: N/A Time Speed: N/A Time: N/A View: N/A Walk Speed: N/A XRAY: N/A (I am currently...
  15. anxify

    Tool Black Ops 2 TU18 Class Editor RGH/JTAG

    Hello Rival Gamers :) I noticed that there aren't any working class name editors for Black Ops 2 for TU18(Xbox) So I'm releasing my Class editor which uses XRPC Only. Note 1: Please make sure that you have XRPC.xex as one of your plugins in your launch.ini :) Note 2: All DLL's (Including XRPC is...
  16. anxify

    Release Battle Field 4 RTM Tool by iAmLegacyy7

    Hello Rival Babies :laugh: Today iAmLegacyy7 is releasing his Battle Field 4 Tool for PS3 for both CEX and DEX :D He Gave me permission to post it so why not :p (So Thank you for that :h:) Credits: Cain532 - Help with coding Trojan041 - Offsets Felony - Coding / Theme :p iAmLegacyy7 - Coding /...
  17. anxify

    Other How to Update Old Offsets using Hex Editor

    I just want to start off by saying thank to Cyb3r for teaching me this :) Credit goes to him for these offsets for minecraft too btw :p You must have a decrypt .elf file for the old update and the new update :) How to Update offsets using Only HEX Editor: 1- old address - 10000 (Hex) > ENTER >...
  18. anxify

    Source Black Ops 2 Stats Tool for JTAG/ RGH

    Hello Rival Gamers I been learning a lot ways to code in the past few weeks so I decided to share with you awesome people! This isn't much,but It will help you get an idea of how numeric Up and Downs along with XRPC :) ALL DLL's needed will be in the source download :) Source(If use please give...
  19. anxify

    PS3 Black Ops 3 Non-host Tool Release

    Hello Rival Gamers :h: Today I'm releasing my tool I created because I haven't seen one made yet for the new update :p So anyways hope you guys enjoy it :) Screenshot: VirusTotal (1 False Positives due to heavy encryption & Packer) Download
  20. anxify

    Release BO2 MooCow v1 MP GSC Menu TU18 RGH/JTAG

    This was released because I wanted show everyone that anything is possible to overcome and get through... bi polar depression, was consuming me whole lost some much the love of my life now with another man, hurt like hell when she let me go, but I'm better now yeah it was hard for me to let...