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    Introduction Hello Everyone!

    What is your real name? Daniel :) What are your nicknames in real life? Dan, Danni, Danielle (Long story :cry:) The nicks you have used when playing on-line? Legend, iTzDanniBoi What is your gender – male of female? Male What is your private status (Single/Taken/Married)? Single... :cry...
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    Black Ops III Zombies

    Do you guys think it will be good? The music that was leaked sounds amazing, the maps look very different and fun, and all the new things they are adding look sick. I think I will be playing zombies A LOT once it comes out. What about you guys?
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    Other How do you guys like The Taken King?

    I personally love it. It is great getting blue or green weapons better than my exotics. Not the mention the amount of quests to do is insane. Let me know what you think :)
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    Black Ops III Hidden Website.

    Go to and enter the password "BLUEBIRD" without the quotes. This is a short story about the BO3 story mode. I am currently reading it :)
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    Destiny Legend Of You! Really cool custom video thing.. Here are the ones I created.
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    Solved Site Navigation

    Here is what happens.
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    Solved Staff Member Page

    Everyone is displayed under super moderator other than AndyB.
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    Solved Two Step Verification

    The 2 step verification button needs to be fixed. Just a small bug I just noticed :)
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    Solved Staff Online

    I don't know if this is a bug or not.. I think it should go Admins>Super Mod>Sectional Mod In the dark theme it goes Super>Section>Admin Same with the light theme
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    Do you guys play guitar hero?

    I played guitar hero everyday when I was younger.. I love that game haha. I am interested in the one coming out this year :)
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    Solved Chat problems

    It says i have been kicked from the chat room till december 31st 1969 at 7:00pm...
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    Black Ops III Leaked Zombies Music

    Here are all the songs that were leaked from the PC BETA today.!3pwQVDLb!Xqbh2Bv81oWLwabXBL20MriyFL7tnPgeeGQ6X4AcnVc!n8RRHKqI!yKEBFFzVdIQPk2SwjTOrJBecEo6eZg8GuonN7yLVOrw!T0JgXDpQ!1sHlG3OWSPY33GecNN6eNXveU_Dcd8dNwLGXKv53WkM...
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    Solved YouTube

    We do have a YouTube channel, but it is not used, or updated. I think we should start uploading videos to the channel. It would help get new members to the site, from the YouTube channel, and it could be a source of revenue for the site, to help with advertisement.
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    Solved Logo redirect to forum page

    I think the logo at the top of the page when clicked should redirect to the www.rivalgamer.comm/forums not www.rivalgamer.comm
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    Is anybody having this problem?

    My PS4 randomly ejects discs. Once it ejects it once, it keeps trying to eject nothing over and over. To get it to stop I need to unplug it from the wall, and plug it back in. It is very annoying...
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    Free Games for August?

    What do you guys think will be the Free PS+ games for august? I am hoping for a good game on PS4. Getting rocket league last month was cool, but I would love to see a game like Watch Dogs or something :)
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    Would an XboxOne be worth getting?

    Right now I only have a PS4. As of lately it seems like the XboxOne is getting fixed. I was thinking about getting the Forza 6 limited edition console, but I dont know quite yet. I want to make sure i am spending my money right (I dont have a lot of it :cry:)
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    How To Get Black Ops III BETA {No Credit Card}

    If you are looking for the Black Ops II BETA, but dont want to pre order the game, here are 2 ways to do it! Just remember, the BETA is only available for PS4, XboxOne, and PC. Please do not ask me for BETA codes. You can get as many codes as you would like, just do not use the same...
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    Solved Wheres the colour picker?

    It is gone... If you click around a little bit it is there, and you can choose colours. But the cliders are gone, so you need to guess where they are and stuff. DubbedNav I will make another gif if you want just to see exactly what i mean. I'm finding a lot of bugs....
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    Solved FAQ #26 How to change name colour Bug

    When I click on the link, it bring me to the homepage of the website, but if i type it in manually it works. Just letting you know. GlitchyTea