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  1. KranK

    PS3 GTA 5 Eboot Essentials (1.27)

    Well Hey Guys ... this isnt something special really !!! the Main Goal of this tool is to provide 1Click Eboot Builder For GTA5:) Important: you need all this C++ Redistributable Packages installed for tool to work, install x86 and x64 as well if you x64bit user! Visual C++ Redistributable for...
  2. KranK

    Other TSSChecker GUI ... SHSH2 Save

    Sup Guys :) Just Made an Usefull GUI for the TSSChecker Command line by tihmstar This GUI isnt stand alone and needs tsschecker_windows.exe to work Little on how the GUI works : its working as read/write with the TSSChecker CMD and have preset commands that controled by the GUI to make life...
  3. KranK

    Source Teleport To WayPoint , Correct way , Cross Platform

    Hello RG members as the title say but to addition to it this code works low and high ground low-to-high-to low. //Teleport to Way point loop if (TeleportWPLoop) { Blip WaypointID = UI::GET_FIRST_BLIP_INFO_ID(8); Vector3 WaypointCoords =...
  4. KranK

    RivalSPRX GTA5 Menu Beta Release

    Hey RG Members , this been long time isn't it ?! I am gladly present you and a Beta of GTA5 SPRX (RivalSprx) that has been in development for some time now . however it isn't finished and updates will come from time to time , Some Key Functions in the menu 1.Teleport to way point To any...
  5. KranK

    Red Dead Redemption IDC/IDA Natives Labler Script

    Hello RG Followers in this Little thread i'm going to share another little part of RedDeadREKT Project this an IDC Script for IDA that will name all RDR natives we have found so far :D NOTE : This Script do not included all RDR natives as we don't have all of them yet , also its not including...
  6. KranK

    Release System FPS Counter SourceCode C++/C

    I have Codded this function to easy get FPS from any Game/System! Note: this can be ported or used on any lang and Platform with little tweaking
  7. KranK

    Source C++/SPRX 1st Person Mod

    Hey RG Babys well to day i will drop this here for your use if you will ever need it this 1st person mod made a long time ago in Rage ASM for dark horse menu but today i bring you the new coded version of it into C++ ENjoy
  8. KranK

    Using PS4/Xbox360/XboxOne GamePad on PS3 Using PS3Xpad Plugin

    i have noticed that this amazing Plugins haven't got many attention and i said why not to test latest version of PS3Xpad v0.8 and its perfectly worked .... along With Functional PS Button i have Tested it only with PS4 controller but this should be working also with any 3rd party device as do...
  9. KranK

    SDK/SPRX/C++/C Random Number Generator Code

    Hey All Kind Of PS3 Coders i Have Been Playing Around With it For Some Time ON How to generate Random Number In SPRX/PRX Using What PS3 SDK Gives As, And I Have Found A Solution Doing It Using And SysCall and Modulo SysCall I have used ! 865 0x361 CEXDEXDECR root AuthID...
  10. KranK

    Source Extended Vehicle Spawner C++/SPRX

    Hey Rivals This is Set Of functions that toke me some time to create and very simple to use when you understand it 1.Instant Spawn Vehicles Online/Offline 2.Toogble Bool For Replace Previous Vehicle / Save Previous Vehicle Speed 3.Dynamic Vehicles Reader / Read From Pointer Array and Determine...
  11. KranK

    Source Extended Clients List C++/SPRX

    Hey Rivals This is Little Function i have Made to Extend Player List Show 1.Shows Players 2.Say If player is Host 3.Say If Player Is Host and Friend 4.Determines your Player 5.Determines your Player and if you host if you have any ideas to add to this let me know ! Is player Friend Function...
  12. KranK

    How To locate Native functions " Step by Step "

    Hey RG in this tutorial I will show you how alocate natives function . Note: this tutorial focused on GTA 5 , however this will work in Any Rage (RockStar Advanced Gaming Engine) Based game. Let's get to the tutorial 1. Open IDA 2. Open Last GTA V .elf 3. Click Alt+B 4. its the most tricky...
  13. KranK

    PS3 (Updated #1)How To Write Tunables in C#/C++ (including some 1.26 indexes and Tunable Pointer)

    So i have noticed lots of people since first release of Tunables by Tustin not fully understand how things works :p ill be showing you how write them in C++/C# . [/spoiler] Thanks To Absolute Zero for converting SetTunable to C# for me :) Credits: Tustin for Virgin Tunables Modding...
  14. KranK

    PS3 GTA 5 "scripts, codes, mods, offsets" Requests Open

    Hey guys i have made this thread to help you and gta section grow . If you have any sort of code , script , offset etc needed feel free request them in this thread :)
  15. KranK

    Source RPC - Vehicle Spawner Instant Online

    Hey Rivals , and ones again lets do some strike Well i made this to work in RPC already some time ago and i think its just the time to drop it off xD Perfectly Working Online Vehicle Spawner ! Note: You must be hooked for it to work int pedID = Hook.Call<int>("PLAYER_PED_ID")...
  16. KranK

    PS3 PS3 Custom Firmware 4.78 Rebug REX/D-REX has been released

    HEY RG Its official Rebug Team push New CFW About the CFW 4.78: Korean developer Joonie from Team Rebug did it once again, he published today the Rebug CFW REX and D-REX for Firmware 4.78. This is not only a port of 4.78, with this release he added the XMB CFW settings which was developed by...
  17. KranK

    Tutorial C# Get Control Of Resource Images Using Resource String

    Hey RG Today ill be Showing you how to control your resources images using the string of the resource the point of this was that i can control the displayed image in picture box by selected Index from combo box and i found a solution for that some time ago and just forgot to share it with you...
  18. KranK

    Release SPRX ELF Builder - RivalGamer

    Hey Rival Gamers Today i'm Releasing This Little Application To Your Hands Official Rival Gamer SPRX ELF Builder For These Who dosnt know what is it ?! Its An Tool That Lets You Make EBOOT To Load Custom PPU SPRX files in Game How To Use ? 1.You Must Drop EBOOT.ELF in Application Dir 2.Change...
  19. KranK

    Tutorial Using Pointer Natives In RPC/C#

    Hey Rival Gamers As many of you who code RPC may noticed there are Natives that used by Pointer Mostly they are Bool Natives that writes what ever to Pointer if Bool returned as True The point is pointers are usual made for C/C++ there is way to use pointers in C# using Unsafe code but this is...
  20. KranK

    Fixing SPRX not load / Crash kernel , ETC

    The main problem is flowing my previous tutorial how to fix system loop in LV2 i noticed that at some point SPRX will start to make harsh on you while you load it with EBOOT Rebug : 1.Delete copy tmp folder to PC and replace SPRX file in that folder on PC 2.Delete it from PS3 and copy it...