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  1. LiveMChief

    How to make an EBOOT start an SPRX

    Surprising to me a lot of people do not know how to make a EBOOT start a SPRX, I'll show you how and it's actually REALLY easy to do. Tools needed: TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner version 1.6: TrueAncestor_EBOOT_Resigner_v1_6 SPRX Elf Builder 1.03: SPRX Elf Builder Steps: 1: Get an EBOOT to a...
  2. LiveMChief

    PC Valve News: Dota 2 Reborn, same old Dota 2 on a brand new engine.

    Well, source 2 has been in development for quite sometime and instead of releasing Half-Life 3 they have instead released a updated version of Dota 2 called "Dota 2 Reborn" which is the same old Dota 2 but with a new look and many new types of features. This is just part 1 in the many...