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  1. TheDonBro

    [RELEASE][1.26/TU26] 4 Styles GTA V Mod Menu [JTAG/RGH] By TheDonBro & WhiteMexican422

    Here we have an awesome new menu out (Originally coded by Chr0m3 x MoDz), but edited and updated fully and re-developed by Eaqz, and others for the dual design working for the newest Title update 1.26/TU26. The menu is awesome and the car spawner actually works properly, being when a car is...
  2. TheDonBro

    My First XEX (JTAG/RGH) Mod Menu On GTA 5 Online

    So originally this was made by SWIX, some of you may know him from RealityGaming where he first released a GTA 5 Mod Menu. He allowed me to use/edit/develop his source for future updates, so I made the menu all sexy looking and customized it to my liking so far. This is currently on TU23/1.23...
  3. TheDonBro

    TheDonBro's v1 Mod Menu - My First

  4. TheDonBro

    Could Anyone Tell Me These Songs Genre?

    I am hooked on this music playlist on YouTube, but have no clue of the genre... Could somebody tell me what this is? I usually on listen to Rap, Trap, Electro... But as you grow up your music taste changes so weirdly! You just listen to anything and somehow like some stuff you would never of...
  5. TheDonBro

    Solved Another Signature Suggestion

    For me personally, I would love this addon to be implemented! As I am focused on YouTube. Basically, I would like to know if you could add this as a BBCode (usually is as addon): As you can see the BBCode allows a proper box for your YouTube Channel and just looks super sexy. You just use...
  6. TheDonBro

    Solved Signature Bug Thing..

    Yo, why is my rotating signature not working on here? Each refresh it should change but it won't... When I got to edit it and keep refreshing it always changes like normal but not in here or forum posts. Look keep refreshing it should change like here:
  7. TheDonBro

    Ultimate Free XBLS For JTAG/RGH [UN-Shared KV Still Going 50+ Days]

    Hello! Today I give to you the ultimate of free XBLS, this offline stealth is so good! I have been on the same KV for 27 days now, and still going strong. Whilst you all waist money on servers, yes they're good and have some other features. These offline files always work and are never down so...
  8. TheDonBro

    Solved Duplicate Donors Part

    Here look: Thanks.
  9. TheDonBro

    Dat Trap Doe

    For all you badass Trap fans. Enjoy! Trap Nation has some phat with a ph, Trap Remixes on thier channel. Trap Nation - YouTube
  10. TheDonBro

    Solved Shouldn't Be Able To View A Section + Icon Missing

    Surley only staff should be able see this section: If not don't worry about it. EDIT: Also Destiny is missing the icon for the section.
  11. TheDonBro

    Couple Modding/Trolling Videos!

    Newly updated Cash Dropper Mod Menu has been updated by a French modder called SWIX | Scrizophrene! This was at first a normal Cash Dropper Mod Menu, but he has edited into a fully working Mod Menu! Here we have a new video pretending that a squeeker in the game is actually the modder, when...
  12. TheDonBro

    Solved Start Conversation & Quote In Conversation

    Why do we have two things that quote and start a conversation? They both do the same thing... 'Start A Conversation' is better, easier and quicker though.
  13. TheDonBro

    Solved Keep Getting An Error For One Thread

    On this thread only ( its giving me some internal server error. We need this fixed as its getting loads of activity from my channel as it contains mods for GTA V. Thanks.
  14. TheDonBro

    GTA 5 Online - ''Modded Lobby Ft TangyHDF'' - ''ISO Mod Menu 1.18'' - (GTA 5 Mod Menu) [+DOWNLOAD]

    Check Out This Video Of A Mod Menu Lobby Featuring TangyHDF, For GTA 5, This GTA 5 Mod Menu Works For Xk3y, Flashed, Or Any Modded Xbox 360 Console. DOWNLOAD: (Modders Pool) Dropbox - Menu.rar Credits: ap ii intense, Buffeting, v F u S I o N v, Aaron Renicks. TangyHDF Channel: TangyHDF - YouTube
  15. TheDonBro

    GTA 5 - *NEW* ''Unreleased Mod Menu'' - ''ISO Mod Menu 1.18'' (GTA 5 Mod Menu)

    New unreleased ISO script mod menu for Xbox360! Check it out, I hope you all enjoy, and have a wonderful day. Thanks, ~TheDonBro.
  16. TheDonBro

    NonCopyrightMusic: Ceanty ft Grooge - Steamboy - Magicians [TDBMusic]

    My 2nd channel for YouTube, based on NonCopyrightMusic!
  17. TheDonBro

    GTA 5 Music Video #1 (GTA 5 Funny Moments)

    Mine & BreeZy GamingHD's First Music Video! Filmed & Edited By Me, Acted Out By BreeZy GamingHD. Like & Subscribe ●Subscribe To BreeZy GamingHD:● Enjoy!
  18. TheDonBro

    Love Jamming To This!

    What do you think to this bad boy tune?:)