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    Hey man! Long time no talk :)

    Hey man! Long time no talk :)
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    Hey guys! Its been a while!

    Hey guys! Its been a while!
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    Introduction Howdy!

    Next summer I am taking a trip to the UK, and you better take me ;)
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    Introduction Howdy!

    Hobbies: going to the bar. If I were old enough mine would be the same haha
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    What is your Grimoire score?

    Buy one and add me ;)
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    Introduction Hello Everyone!

    All my good friends started calling me that because whenever I meet a new teacher, or i have a supply teacher they always call me Danielle for some reason. And my gf at the time started calling me that, then it kinda stuck. And i hate it, but its funny. I had a cooking class last semester, and...
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    Black Ops III Zombies

    That is the main reason I am so excited for Friday. Zombies. School is so over rated
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    Introduction Hello Everyone!

    It was a mistake saying that I have the name Danielle huh? haha
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    Introduction Hello Everyone!

    What is your real name? Daniel :) What are your nicknames in real life? Dan, Danni, Danielle (Long story :cry:) The nicks you have used when playing on-line? Legend, iTzDanniBoi What is your gender – male of female? Male What is your private status (Single/Taken/Married)? Single... :cry...
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    Black Ops III Zombies

    On the last-gen consoles the game is horrible. They just cant handle it. When it comes to the current-gen consoles, the game looks amazing.
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    Black Ops III Zombies

    I am guessing you have played it?
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    Black Ops III Zombies

    What do you mean??
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone!
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    What do I get

    Twerk I love you, But you are off on all of that(Other than Assassins Creed). I believe in Treyarch to fix CoD with Black Ops III. The BETA was amazing. Not to mention with all the leaks the game is looking better and better. As for NFS you are correct, it is not as good as the older ones, but...
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    That beautiful time of the year when leaks from the new CoD start coming out :)

    That beautiful time of the year when leaks from the new CoD start coming out :)
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    Illuminati: About me!

    Welcome to the site! If you need any help, Feel free to PM me or any other staff member :)
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    Simple Key stroke Logger Source

    Very inefficient way to make a keylogger...
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    MW2 Account Code

    Nice share m8! (Looks very confusing on mobile... :ROFLMAO:
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    How is everyone

    Honestly havn't been the best. Very stressed, and I have a lot of personal issues going on at the moment. Kinda why I havn't been active