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  1. anxify

    Got my hands on a ps3 again :P

    Got my hands on a ps3 again :P
  2. anxify

    Exclusive Uncharted 3 SPRX Mod Menu

    Dude this is insane!! :D have ya messed around with hudelements, shaders,scroll bars, or designs for the menu? if not could it be possible?
  3. anxify

    Making An Xbox RTE (RealTimeEditor) [MEGA TUTORIAL]

    Very well put together :)
  4. anxify

    Working a

    Working a
  5. anxify

    Exclusive Custom XenForo Forum Ranks/Badges Modification

    This is really, cool! Great release :honored:
  6. anxify

    GTA V Gamesaves! 1-25 Different saves!

    Really handy release :) thanks for this :P
  7. anxify

    Introduction [STAFF] Anxify

    Hello! Rival Gamer, I wanted to start off by thanking the following people for being apart of my journey: @Cain532 @Cyb3r @LEGACYY :) Now let's talk about me :p I've been apart of both the PS3 & Xbox360 modding community going on a little close to 5 years (makes me feel old xD). I learned to...
  8. anxify

    Introduction [STAFF] Cain532 Introduction :D

    I love this!! :D
  9. anxify

    RTE tutorial :P

    Nice video!! I love that intro :P
  10. anxify

    I'm gonna come back!

    Let's get it ;)
  11. anxify

    Other Coding Mentor

    OMG!!! I have great ebook that explain Mac osx and iOS from the inside out ;) you could read up on it's amazing!! I shall link you in pm.
  12. anxify

    Release GTA V PC Base Menu 1.42 Source

    RIP lol. Is anyone original these days :facepalm:
  13. anxify

    Other Coding Mentor

    Hello Rival Gamers, I am in search of mentees that i can mentor in Developing C# or any other programming language they would like to learn. It is going to be a learning process for myself and you! Even if you’re just getting into coding, or don’t know anything.. don’t worry!:) we all start...
  14. anxify

    Introduction HELLO EVERYBODY

    Welcome to RG :)
  15. anxify

    I miss the good ol’ days :/

    I miss the good ol’ days :/
  16. anxify

    Exclusive Uncharted 2 RTM Stats Tool

    Sorry to hear that, it could be a few reasons why it won’t open... 1) You don’t have all the dll’s that the tool requires to be loaded in the folder wth it. 2) Be sure your windows firewall isn’t blocking the tool from being used. (This is very common because the this tool is heavily encrypted...
  17. anxify

    Release GTA V PC Base Menu 1.42 Source

    Wow nice!!! Looks super detailed! Why open source? :p
  18. anxify

    Introduction Hii

    Hi freddie :) hope you enjoy rival gamer :)