battlefield hardline

  1. Absolute Zero

    Battlefield Hardline SPRX

    Battlefield Hardline SPRX Absolute Zero About Whats good RG, just simply bringing you the other SPRX that has been finished for a while, I just haven't had people to test it since I've never owned BFH and never plan to. Please let me know if anything is wrong with the SPRX, and Cyb3r and I will...
  2. Eddie Mac

    PS3 Battlefield Hardline MP - "No Recoil" Eboot's [CEX-DEX] (1.03)

    Hey GZ, Since i have been asked for these many of times i decided to make them real quick for you guys. Enjoy ;] Debug - Debug 1.03 EBOOT Cex BLUS 31440 - CEX BLUS31440 1.03 EBOOT CEX BLES02039 - CEX BLES02039 1.03 EBOOT *Note: I do not give permission for these to be posted on any other...
  3. Eddie Mac

    Battlefield Hardline "MP" RTM Tool [1.03]

    Hey GZ, It's been awhile since i have posted anything do to me being busy. I have had a little time to work on BFH and get some mods working. As i get more time i will add more. Anyways Enjoy :dsmile: Here is a video of some mods in the tool: Download: BFH 1.03 Tool Virus Scan...