1. Cheat Code


    I got a Youtube Channel. I wanted to show something new for Battlefield 4 PS3. Hopefully, you will enjoy. Let me know if you like see more or recommend any game that I should mod next (y)
  2. anxify

    Release Battle Field 4 RTM Tool by iAmLegacyy7

    Hello Rival Babies :laugh: Today iAmLegacyy7 is releasing his Battle Field 4 Tool for PS3 for both CEX and DEX :D He Gave me permission to post it so why not :p (So Thank you for that :h:) Credits: Cain532 - Help with coding Trojan041 - Offsets Felony - Coding / Theme :p iAmLegacyy7 - Coding /...
  3. Absolute Zero

    Release BF4Rekt: Phone Edition [FREE][Android App]

    Battlefield: Reloaded (For Battlefield 4) A mobile solution via CCAPI Hey guys, so while you are all waiting for BFH updates, I decided to make something completely new and recreate a library for CCAPI in Java. Needless to say, it worked and thats why you are reading this! Current Version...
  4. Absolute Zero

    Release Battlefield 4 SPRX [Now Free]

    Battlefield 4: Reloaded Hey guys, So a lot of stuff has happened with Battlefield and this project in the past couple months, and I would like to retire from it by releasing it for free to the public, and providing occasional updates when I have freetime. I hope you guys enjoy! Features -UAV...
  5. Trojan041

    PS3 BF4 Button Binds Tool [1.20]

    Hey RG, most of you know me as Trojan041. I no longer only release on *** but on here as well! I will Keep this Updated Download: VirusScan...