1. VIXK

    Introduction PS3 ONLINE FRIENDS

    In need of PS3 online Friends. Games ATM __________________ Destiny - Taken King GTA V Black Ops 2 __________________ GTA V - die hard fan. I honestly really don't play competitive all like that, but I play for fun, I also host Car Meets for fun and just fun Lobby's in General. We usually Drag...
  2. anxify

    Offsets [1.19] BO2 Change String Addresses

    Hello, RivalGamers! I hope you all make some awesome tools with these addresses that I found :) Enjoy! Screenshot: Add this anywhere into your code: public static string ByteArrayToString(byte[] bytes) { ASCIIEncoding aSCIIEncoding = new ASCIIEncoding(); return...
  3. ImHaxoTV

    PS3 NEW Ps3 COD BO2 Infernus The Hell Version GSC Mod Menu (USA Design) By Im HaxoTV

    All option's in the Menu (.gsc) work perfect without frezze's, on the Ps3 & Xbox 360. I hope you enjoy! Here are the Video fom the Mod Menu...
  4. B

    PS3 BzrkArts Black Ops 2 Quick Recovery Tool (1.19)

    Hello RivalGamers!:showoff: This is my 1st thread, and to start off this is the first ever tool i'm releasing and it's pretty use full. Down below is a video of me coding it and there's also screenshots. If you don't trust the program i have a virus scan of it. Name of tool- BzrkArts Quick...
  5. Hype

    PS3 Black Ops 2 1.19 Anti-ban Eboot's

    Instructions: Launch Black Ops 2 Online Then Wait 30 Sec Or When The Lag Stops Go Play Online :D Where Do I Place Eboot? dev_hdd0/game/BLXXXXXXX/USRDIR ChangeLog: Eboots Fresh Started & Recreated to 1.19 Added DEX Zombie Added CEX Zombie Multiplayer: DEX EBOOT's: Includes: Cheat...
  6. F

    Introduction Hello Peeps

    Im new to this forums page, And yeah i guess ill introduce myself. Im a 15 year old and my name is Chris, im a GTA 5 & COD Modder I Post Modding Showcase's and tutorials on my youtube channel - FrozenVisions - Glitches, Tutorials, More - YouTube Im also i friendly person.