1. M

    BO3 Installation PS3 DEX

    Yo, can anyone please walk me through on how to install bo3 on my PS3 DEX console? Thanks so much.
  2. Rivalz

    Tool [1.07] Black Ops 3 EBOOT Builder

    Hello Rival Gamerz, This tool is an eboot builder for Black Ops 3 and has been tested on BLES version! May be risky to test on BLUS! Preview: The creator of tool deserves the credit for this tool - iModzrgfr Download Link: Mediafire-...
  3. ItzDannyBoii

    PS3 [1.03] Tustin's EBOOT Builder

    General Information Another year, another EBOOT builder. I think you know the drill by now - this tool lets you build your own customized EBOOTs for BOIII. Contains non-host mods and a SPRX loader. Preemptive hello to Activision's suits Some Notes Only compiles EBOOTs for DEX (regular debug or...
  4. Eddie Mac

    PS3 Black Ops 3 "NPEB02266" Debug EBOOT's for [MP-ZM]

    Hey RG, just wanted to share my debug eboots with you for the game cause i for one hate using CCAPI. Anyway here they are so enjoy :) EBOOTs: Debug%27s for bo3 For zombies take the EBOOT-zm.BIN and rename it to EBOOT.BIN then replace as you would with any other EBOOT How to get the game to...