1. Cain532

    RTE tutorial :P

    Part 1 of 2. Video tutorial on coding a very basic RTE tool!
  2. BoliBerrys

    PC Change value of two variables at once

    Hello Guys. Today i'm going to show you how to make two variables have the same value. First of, i want to start saying i tested this on JavaScript and on C#. I'm not sure if it works on every language. Okey. So let's say we have the following variables: int start = 10; int rounds = 2; int...
  3. Cain532

    Other Fun With Boolean!

    So, I LOVE bools, they are some of the funnest bits of coding because of their versatility! So!, lets begin by explaining exactly what a bool is! A bool is a variable that holds 2 values, true and false, (it can also be converted to an int value of 0 or 1) also, Boolean and bool are the same...
  4. anxify

    Tool CS:GO RTM Tool [1.01]

    How's it going everyone, I was messing around with this game and found somethings you guys might like. So I made a tool for you all to enjoy! :p I Hope you like it :) Screenshots: Download:
  5. anxify

    Release Uncharted 3 [1.19] Eboot Builder + Source

    Hello, Rival Gamers :h: I put together a simple tool for you all to enjoy and learn from (and Hopefully make your own eboot builder with :) Screenshot: Downloads: (No Virus Scan Needed because source is Included :p)
  6. anxify

    Other How to Make a Skype Tool

    Using the Skype4Com library Hello, and welcome to another tutorial :) I am sorry that I haven't been all that active recently :( ,but I hope this will make up for it. In advance I do apologize for any grammatical errors or anything that isn't explained correctly. If you have any queries feel...
  7. Cain532

    Other More compact coding :D

    Hello my babies! So, I've been helping some friends with a few things relating to C# and I learned something new myself! And now I want to share it with you all :) So, let's say you have multiple numericUpDown boxes (this can be done with anything, but numericUpDown's are easier to demonstrate)...
  8. anxify

    Source Black Ops 2 Stats Tool for JTAG/ RGH

    Hello Rival Gamers I been learning a lot ways to code in the past few weeks so I decided to share with you awesome people! This isn't much,but It will help you get an idea of how numeric Up and Downs along with XRPC :) ALL DLL's needed will be in the source download :) Source(If use please give...
  9. Absolute Zero

    PC Async Threads [C#]

    Async Threads Tutorial About Ever wanted to make a seperate thread that doesn't run constantly in c# for a simple task, such as sending web requests or loading a file? Well, this will teach you how to do it without a BackGroundWorker! This will also teach you how to set control values from...
  10. 01cedric

    [PPC] How to reverse GSCr Functions for use in C#!

    Welcome to this Tutorial! I´ve learned all of this mostly by myself, while discovering the CoD PDBs and compared the Functions within PseudoCode and Graph-View! Anyway lets start off... Things required: - A PDB (Server File) of your choice ( I recommend Ghosts PDB for IW Games and BO1/BO2 PDB...
  11. BoliBerrys

    PC Speed your coding Part 1

    Hello Guys! Today i'm going to show you a simple, yet pretty cool way to speed your coding. I'm going to make a small serie divided in 3-4 parts, explaining simple ways to speed your coding. Before i start this tutorial, i'm going to say that if yuo do know this TIP/Method to speed your...
  12. D

    Introduction Hello Everyone

    Hello My Name is Thomas (Aka. DevOps) I'm a C# Developer of 8ish Years and a PS3 Modder Of 3 Years, I'm Always Open to Help anyone if they Need Help! Feel Free To Ask me For Help Disregarding C# Programming Or PS3 Questions / Help. Thanks, DevOps (Aka. Thomas)
  13. BoliBerrys

    Notification Message

    Hello guys, A friend wanted me to teach me how to do the following: (Windows 10 Preview) So here is the tutorial ;) 1- [Optional] Create a new project ( Optional, because you can use an existing project :p ) 2- Check if this is in the beggining of your project: using System.Windows.Forms...
  14. BoliBerrys

    Best websites to learn how to code!

    Hello guys! Today im going to show you the 2 sites i used for learning C# and a bit of PHP ;) Hope you guys use it, and enjoy them as much as i did :p Links: -Start Learning | .NET Academy - Learn to code | Codecademy Enjoy ;)
  15. Cain532

    PS3 NEEDED!!! C# Coder for help with GameShark Poker :P

    Alright, so up until now, all I have been focusing on was converting GameShark addresses to work on PS3, now that I am done with that I thought my work was complete! Then I found THIS PAGE and everything I had done seemed very minuscule in the grand scheme of things. I never realized how in...
  16. Rage

    Move able solution with no border

    So I wrote this tutorial and was almost done but then clicked "delete" on my computer and instead of deleting anything it went back to a previous screen and deleted everything so I am redoing this all over again !! This tut is meant to help those who want to create there own border, don't want...