1. Absolute Zero

    Release jCCAPI - A Java Library for CCAPI Modding

    jCCAPI - A Java CCAPI Alternative by Absolute Zero About Today I bring you a completely new thing to the community: a CCAPI Java Library. What does this mean? It means we now have the ability to mod games via the Java programming language, which is multi-platform! That means we can now...
  2. Dog88Christian

    PS3 All CCAPI Versions [UPDATED 2.70]

    Hello GZ, thought I'd post all CCAPI versions up to this date. These are all the official versions and have not been modified. I know some people still use older versions and so do I, so instead of struggling to find them you can find them here. All versions support CEX & DEX, unless specified...
  3. I Like Women

    Tool Prototype RTM Cheat Tool

    Prototype RTM Tool by I.L.W | REGION Compatibility: BLUS30145 * Compatible for CEX & DEX * ******************************************************* - : Cheats Features : - * God Mode * Infinite EP * Infinite Ammo *Black & White Mode(Visions) *Walk On Air *Infinite Air Dash & Rapid Jump Kicks...