1. Cain532

    CEX To DEX Conversion!

    Made a video on converting from CEX to DEX! Go check out the second part! it goes over the basics of reversing functions on one of my favorite games!
  2. Cain532

    Beginners Guide to Jailbreaking! (pt1)

    Starting to really ramp up the YouTube Channel :D I need you guys to help get these videos out to anybody who needs them!
  3. Cain532

    PS3 Zone Of The Enders 2: Second Runner

    Good morning RG Babies! I got something nifty for you all!!! This is a tool for one of my favorite games; Zone of the Enders 2 : Second Runner. I decided to try and work on this while some of the games in my request thread were giving me.....issues.... This one turned out pretty good! There are...
  4. Dog88Christian

    Index Console Modding & Releases Stickied/Featured Content

    Hello and welcome to the stickied / featured thread for Console Mods & Release forum. The purpose of this thread is to provide an easy means of access to the current popular releases, tutorials, and resources. If you have suggestions or feedback feel free to leave a comment! Tutorials &...
  5. M


    Update v1.18: * fix error for CFW's 4.75 CEX standard Update v1.17: * chnage version spoofer to 4.76 * add support CFW's Rebug 4.75.1 REX only in normal mode & CFW 4.75 CEX Standard ( untested ) * fix version spoof 4.76 for CFW 4.66 CEX CFW Supported : - CFW ROGERO 4.46 ( compatible Cobra...
  6. Samet Chan

    PS3 [UPDATE-9-24-2015] Useful Coldboot Anime's

    Welcome to Gamerz & Everyone! I'm working on make for PhotoShop CS5 & PS3 CFW or Coldboot anime image needed? What you may want to give my anime image, I can make last anyway! Coldboot Anime 124x...
  7. Samet Chan

    PS3 [UPDATE-9-26-2015] Useful CFW/Spoof/PKG's

    We have update ARCH Spoof 4.76 ^_^ Mega! *CCAPI 2.60 Rev5 + SPOOFER* FERROX: Yes ROGERO: Yes HABIB: Yes DARKNET: Yes REBUG REX & D-REX: Yes *CCAPI 2.60 Rev5 4.76* FERROX: Yes HABIB: Yes DARKNET: ? REBUG REX & D-REX: ?
  8. Dog88Christian

    How To Fix The 80010009 Minecraft Error

    Hello GZ, I've come to make a tutorial for Minecraft players. If on CFW you will get a launch error after updating. I already have a thread with this fixed and ready to download, but for those wanting to learn themselves I will teach you. Unfortunately at the moment, this will only work with...
  9. Dog88Christian

    PS3 How To Setup a Jailbroken PS3 (Noob Friendly)

    Hello GZ, a long time ago last year a friend of mine was supposed to get a jailbroken PS3. I spent about two hours typing instructions and linking necessities he would need. He was a major noob, so I was trying to help. Well, he never got one and so I decided to go back in my emails find this...
  10. Dog88Christian

    PS3 Update Server (Use CFW's via Internet System Update)

    An Update Server URL is Simply a Custom Server Your PS3 can take updates from. The Purpose of using one is just to really save time and not go to your pc and back updating your system or downgrading it. This will be constantly updated with CFW's. Instructions: 1: You Must Have a DEX QA...
  11. SavageDale


    Hey guys just posting this thread to help you out abit this section is for if you need some help coding or stuck with making a tool we have some great staff that know what there doing so if you need any help eigher comment on this thread , shoutbox or even post a thread stating you problem with...
  12. Cyb3r

    Exclusive How to Mod any game by yourself!

    Hello RG members, today i'll learn you a big thing to find and do what you like in ps3 debugger, this lesson is targeting and intermediate ps3 debugger users, so the pro's are off the topic :p, so let's start. Our objective: How to find caller functions in ProDG Debugger. Introduction: The...
  13. iDexModz

    PS3 "MOST HAVE" Cfw Homebrews & Info

    multiMAN combines Open Manager, mmOS File Manager and AVCHD for an all in one solution. It allows users to run backups, watch AVCHD videos and manage there files. Formerly known as AVCHD and Game Manager, it is now being called multiMAN. The word multi is essential to this manager due to it's...