1. anxify

    PC Spotify Premium (Desktop Version)

    Hello RivalGamers, Today I bring to you Spotify AdBlocker for the Latest Desktop Version! Things you will need: PC (With Admin Rights) Latest Spotify.exe Installed. A Brain :p Let's Get started! :) 1. Close Spotify (If running) 2. Simply Run Spotify AD Blocker - anxify.bat (Disable...
  2. anxify

    Release Uncharted 3 [1.19] Eboot Builder + Source

    Hello, Rival Gamers :h: I put together a simple tool for you all to enjoy and learn from (and Hopefully make your own eboot builder with :) Screenshot: Downloads: (No Virus Scan Needed because source is Included :p)
  3. anxify

    Other How to Make a Skype Tool

    Using the Skype4Com library Hello, and welcome to another tutorial :) I am sorry that I haven't been all that active recently :( ,but I hope this will make up for it. In advance I do apologize for any grammatical errors or anything that isn't explained correctly. If you have any queries feel...
  4. Cain532

    Other Multidimensional Arrays

    Hey there! So, today I'm going to be teaching you all about multidimensional arrays!! Multidimensional arrays are essentially the same things as a standard array. I'll let the coding explain :p Now, keep in mind it doesn't have to be a byte[], it can be any other variable so long as it...
  5. Cain532

    RG Legend's Coding Seminar!

    Hey there my RG Lovelies! Myself and some of the other RivalGamer Legends are going to start up a Seminar of sorts to help anybody with coding tools, sprx, or anything in general! We will be utlizing our growing Discord Channel, which can be joined via THIS LINK. Primarily everything will be...
  6. anxify

    Source Black Ops 2 Stats Tool for JTAG/ RGH

    Hello Rival Gamers I been learning a lot ways to code in the past few weeks so I decided to share with you awesome people! This isn't much,but It will help you get an idea of how numeric Up and Downs along with XRPC :) ALL DLL's needed will be in the source download :) Source(If use please give...
  7. BoliBerrys

    PC Speed your coding Part 1

    Hello Guys! Today i'm going to show you a simple, yet pretty cool way to speed your coding. I'm going to make a small serie divided in 3-4 parts, explaining simple ways to speed your coding. Before i start this tutorial, i'm going to say that if yuo do know this TIP/Method to speed your...
  8. BoliBerrys

    Best websites to learn how to code!

    Hello guys! Today im going to show you the 2 sites i used for learning C# and a bit of PHP ;) Hope you guys use it, and enjoy them as much as i did :p Links: -Start Learning | .NET Academy - Learn to code | Codecademy Enjoy ;)
  9. P

    Introduction HIi!!! :D

    Hello everyone! My name is Deon (PoonMan)! I love modding games and i want to start learning how to code and make my own mods :D that would be awesome to learn c: Im 16 and im still quite a bit of a noob :p I currently have a PS3 with 4.70.1 Rebug D-REX :D cfw!