1. nizar1200

    MGSV eboot

    I ve been trying to debug MGSV, i cant attach the process while on sp but cant while on mp, its due to the game has two .self files, tpp.self and mgo.self. Any idea how i can debug the mgo.self using Rebug
  2. Dog88Christian

    PS3 Debug Eboot Not Working (Not Attaching)

    I have debugged an eboot for a game Alien Isolation and it seems that it may not be debugged correctly. I have used my friend's and have tried using programs and still no luck. I cannot attach to the game (process). Although, I am able to connect to other games with a debug just fine. It's...
  3. Cyb3r

    How to bypass black screen on System Software mode [Rebug only]

    Hey guys, i see a lot of ppl asking on how to debug games like UC2, MGS Zero and other games who will give you black screen if you run it on DEX, this method is old and i have been using it since rebug 4.46, so let's begin to explain this. You have to be on Rebug DEX firmware, you can't do...