1. Cain532

    CEX To DEX Conversion!

    Made a video on converting from CEX to DEX! Go check out the second part! it goes over the basics of reversing functions on one of my favorite games!
  2. M

    BO3 Installation PS3 DEX

    Yo, can anyone please walk me through on how to install bo3 on my PS3 DEX console? Thanks so much.
  3. anxify

    Release Battle Field 4 RTM Tool by iAmLegacyy7

    Hello Rival Babies :laugh: Today iAmLegacyy7 is releasing his Battle Field 4 Tool for PS3 for both CEX and DEX :D He Gave me permission to post it so why not :p (So Thank you for that :h:) Credits: Cain532 - Help with coding Trojan041 - Offsets Felony - Coding / Theme :p iAmLegacyy7 - Coding /...
  4. xXDLINEXx

    Introduction Hello

    Thanks :) to add me in your community
  5. Cyb3r

    How to bypass black screen on System Software mode [Rebug only]

    Hey guys, i see a lot of ppl asking on how to debug games like UC2, MGS Zero and other games who will give you black screen if you run it on DEX, this method is old and i have been using it since rebug 4.46, so let's begin to explain this. You have to be on Rebug DEX firmware, you can't do...