1. KranK

    PS3 How To Fix lv2(2): System Warning : busy loop detected "while using SPRX" PS3 Target Manager

    Well Hello Modders and Coders As you May noticed some times Working SPRX just Crash and freeze your game and Target manager console output say lv2(2): System Warning : busy loop detected i was figuring why is this happening and i found out why exactly and even when i made blank SPRX with out...
  2. KranK


    What Is happens here? You turned your XMB MODE to OFW MODE using sen enabler just follow the steps I provided you it will solve your problem FIX! Install new version of sen enabler than turn it on and hold L2 for 5 seconds than click X and Than Select it will restart and you will get install...
  3. Dog88Christian

    How To Fix The 80010009 Minecraft Error

    Hello GZ, I've come to make a tutorial for Minecraft players. If on CFW you will get a launch error after updating. I already have a thread with this fixed and ready to download, but for those wanting to learn themselves I will teach you. Unfortunately at the moment, this will only work with...
  4. Shenmue

    PS3 Fix Saints Row 4

    I get black screen on launch and system doesn't respond. and i dont want to go into release mode. <3 if somone could make a eboot fix i love you long time.