1. Rare

    Introduction *Rare* Elite Modder

    Hi My Name Is Rare MoDz But everyone Call me Rare So Today I Wanna Start off by saying that I'm a Modder That Love Games and A RTM Developer & Coder I learned c++ & c# When i was 10 I Started Modding at Age Of 9 My First was a Sony PlayStation 3 SLIM ✰ JB ✰ 4.81.2 DEX and It had Gta And A Mod...
  2. randel20xx

    cod ghost

    i need COD ghost bles 01945 update
  3. tyroneegottem

    Introduction Hello im new here

    Love modding add my psn Dont_CampFam LoL
  4. Soheilsh

    Introduction Hi guys

    Hey guys I'm new to the community
  5. Cyb3r

    Rival Gamer Media Gallery

    Sup RG folks! Here's another addition to our community in hope to increase the activity and share some fun. We just implemented the gallery for fun. You can share anything in your mind as long as it doesn't break the site general rules. For myself, I will be...
  6. Agoko2412487

    Introduction İm new here

    New here hi i 18 years old im active gamer i try play all games
  7. C

    Introduction Chaos

    Hello im chaos and im a huge destiny player
  8. Cyb3r

    Rules Rival Gamer - Official Rules (TOS) - Official Rules - Last updated (Dec 11, 2015) These rules govern this site. Upon entering this site, one falls under the category of a "Rival Gamer Member" and is required to follow all of these rules. If after reading these terms, one finds anything disagreeable, the member...