1. MoDz4Gaming

    Introduction Nice Looking Forum, I'm already enjoying the community .

    I'm MoDz4Gaming. I Jailbroke my first PS3 3yrs ago and been modding for some time now. Lately, I been seriously feeling more passionate about doing it correctly. I'm open to hearing about your ideas, the best ways that work for you. I'm ok with hearing about the constructive criticism as well...
  2. Trojan041

    GAMERZ.ME Official PLUG.Dj

    Hey GZ, after some time I've noticed that is a great way to get to know people so I decided to create a room to chill and jam some music! Come dj! GAMERZ.ME - Hope to see you soon!
  3. Cyb3r

    FAQ How to use profile covers

    Hello GZ folks, here's a new addition for you guys to enjoy being a loyal and good members of GZ, profile covers is a header image will be displayed on your profile. First of all you have to purchase it with coins it's only cost 100 coins which means you can get them easily, after that got to...
  4. Cyb3r

    News Rival Gamer XP Points Earn/Gift/Exchange/Purchase And More.

    Hello RG folks, in order to keep the board active we decided to give you the ability to gain something in return of being active, so we have added new feature and by that feature you can earn some XP Points to level up and spend them on shop, gift them to others or just let them pile up in your...