1. errusdan

    Introduction Greetings! introducing myself to the community...

    Hi to all friends! i'm new into this community...i enjoy learning more and more about games and games related content! thank you guys!
  2. B

    Introduction Hello!

    Hello RivalGamer's i am BzrkArts. I'm a PS3 Modder and a PS4 gamer. I code C#, and Design on my free time. PS3 Info.: Firmware: 4.70.1 Rebug D-Rex Accounts: UndeadBzrkArts (Public) OMGIts_BzrkArts (Public) DMT-BzrkArts (Public) BzrkArtsOnDEX (Modders Only) zOGBZRK (Modders Only) BzrkDaGod...
  3. BoliBerrys

    [FREE]How to get Steam games for free!

    Hello Guys! Today i'm going to teach you how to get free games for Steam. Yes, Free! 1. Go to: LINK 2. On the bottom of the page, click on: "Drop Key" 3. Click on "Login to take your chance" 4. Register 5. Go to email, and Verify your account 6. Link your HRK account with your Steam...
  4. H

    Introduction hello its hello.

    introducing myself i am a gamer who loves to have fun