1. Cain532

    PS3 GameShark plugin ((Open Source))

    I've made a GitHub repository for my GameShark plugin. I have noticed there are some compatibility issues either between CFW's or Consoles themselves. I need help from all you guys to make this work!!! Check it out here!
  2. Cain532

    PS3 GameSharkBeta

    Wooo! Hey there everybody, so this has been a big project I've been working hard on for quite a while; it utilizes my GameSharkPlugin to it's fullest, and brings you the entire vast library of Gameshark codes :D Now, bare in mind this is the initial release, and it's still in beta, I've got a...
  3. Cain532

    PS3 NEEDED!!! C# Coder for help with GameShark Poker :P

    Alright, so up until now, all I have been focusing on was converting GameShark addresses to work on PS3, now that I am done with that I thought my work was complete! Then I found THIS PAGE and everything I had done seemed very minuscule in the grand scheme of things. I never realized how in...
  4. Cain532

    PS3 PSX Debugger

    First of it's kind, a PSX debugger that works with CCAPI 2.60 boasting the fastest available debugger next to ProDG. Also included with this build is my Gameshark Conversion which can be found at the top of the tool itself. Search function added! Unfortunately I wasn't able to test it because I...