gta 5 cheats

  1. E

    GTA V Menu 1.42 (i need one FREE)

    come help me find a menu for gta v 1.42 online
  2. KranK

    PS3 GTA 5 Eboot Essentials (1.27)

    Well Hey Guys ... this isnt something special really !!! the Main Goal of this tool is to provide 1Click Eboot Builder For GTA5:) Important: you need all this C++ Redistributable Packages installed for tool to work, install x86 and x64 as well if you x64bit user! Visual C++ Redistributable for...
  3. KranK

    Source RPC - Vehicle Spawner Instant Online

    Hey Rivals , and ones again lets do some strike Well i made this to work in RPC already some time ago and i think its just the time to drop it off xD Perfectly Working Online Vehicle Spawner ! Note: You must be hooked for it to work int pedID = Hook.Call<int>("PLAYER_PED_ID")...
  4. Vexx

    PS3 [1.24] Grand Theft Auto V Cheats

    Grand Theft Auto V [BLES01807] CHEAT v1.26 1. Invincibility 2. Infinite Ammo 3. Infinite Armor & Never Disappear 4. Max Infinite Special Abilitie On Use Instructions for BLES01807 -Install first UPDATE 1.06 - 1.26 -And then install my Cheat pkg 1.26 Credits: Thanks to Dron_3 for codes! Me...