gta 5

  1. benno1

    Introduction Hey

    Hey im benno and i'm interrested in Programming GTA Mod Menus
  2. M

    i got banned again

    i made a new account(for the 3rd fu*king time) my psn gamertag is Moist_Potency, i have a mic, and speak English. P.S. i only have GTA V at the moment
  3. M

    complete story mode

    if you want to figure out the location of all events such as, strangers and freaks, random events, letter pieces, or spaceship parts go to and scroll all the way to the bottom to the map and tap "not found"
  4. M

    Introduction greetings

    hello, i am new to this website and i would like to offer my help to anyone, i know a good chunk of information about GTA5 on the ps3, just contact me if you need help with something
  5. M

    Get a higher K/D

    one way i have found very effective is by going to settings in the pause menu. setting the look around sense almost all the way up, the aim sense a little bit higher than half, and the aim from simple to complex. and allow movement when zoomed. I like to cut out a small piece of eletrical tape...
  6. M

    Fast ways to make money online

    Some ways to make quick money is by robbing stores, flight school, steeling cars and selling them at LSC, import/export with Simion, heist(duh), join heist invites as much as you can, allways the finale will bring in the most cash
  7. M

    Killing yourself can get you into bad sport

    I have just re-entered bad sport when i "took the easy way out" many times in a row, i don't know how many, but it was more that 10. I was trying to kill myself with a gun(in the game), because after a while of killing someone, then taking the easy way out, you will kill yourself with a gun(in game)
  8. Monkey_Padawan

    PS3 Update.rpf v3.0 GTA5 1.27 for PKG

    Guys, sorry my english, but I'm using google translate. This is my update I know there are people who do not know much how to install or even how annoying to have to use the multiman to be changing the update of the GTA so I created one in PKG this makes it much easier if you like. It comes...
  9. KranK

    PS3 GTA 5 Eboot Essentials (1.27)

    Well Hey Guys ... this isnt something special really !!! the Main Goal of this tool is to provide 1Click Eboot Builder For GTA5:) Important: you need all this C++ Redistributable Packages installed for tool to work, install x86 and x64 as well if you x64bit user! Visual C++ Redistributable for...
  10. VIXK

    Introduction PS3 ONLINE FRIENDS

    In need of PS3 online Friends. Games ATM __________________ Destiny - Taken King GTA V Black Ops 2 __________________ GTA V - die hard fan. I honestly really don't play competitive all like that, but I play for fun, I also host Car Meets for fun and just fun Lobby's in General. We usually Drag...
  11. LETsrockM3PDRK

    Introduction gta 5, mw3

    Hi all, hola todos
  12. xHARDHeMPuS


    Menu Is Showing 1.25 Because I Forgot to Change Name More This Working at 1.26 Ok (BLES DEX) USE THE ORIGINAL FILES NOT CHANGE THE NAME OF SPRX OK SPRX HEMPUS MENU Need Help Contact me on Skype ( hard.hackps3 ) VIDEOS HOW PROVE THAT IS WORKING 1.26 VIDEO 1 DATE OF RECORDING (...
  13. BearMGaming

    Introduction New

    . Xbx 360 Modder Add BEARM9986
  14. KranK

    PS3 GTA 5 "scripts, codes, mods, offsets" Requests Open

    Hey guys i have made this thread to help you and gta section grow . If you have any sort of code , script , offset etc needed feel free request them in this thread :)
  15. Coolockboss

    Xbox Coolockboss V1 Menu Now Free Enjoy

    I decided to give it out for free I've been keeping it private for some time Enjoy :) Updated
  16. MoDz4Gaming

    Introduction Nice Looking Forum, I'm already enjoying the community .

    I'm MoDz4Gaming. I Jailbroke my first PS3 3yrs ago and been modding for some time now. Lately, I been seriously feeling more passionate about doing it correctly. I'm open to hearing about your ideas, the best ways that work for you. I'm ok with hearing about the constructive criticism as well...
  17. ImHaxoTV

    Xbox Xbox 360 GTA 5 1.26 Online/Offline Im HaxoTV's Mod Menu

    Xbox 360 GTA 5 1.26 Online/Offline Im HaxoTV's Mod Menu ♛=============================================♛ Note: this work only on a Jtag/RGH Xbox 360 Download the Mod Menu (.xex): Put new download link please..... How to open: + =============================================♛ How To...
  18. ImHaxoTV

    PS3 PS3 GTA 5 Modded Job Creator 1.25/1.26 + Download

    PS3 GTA 5 Modded Content Creator 1.25/1.26 + Download Created By Im HaxoTV (Modded Job Creator) V5 NEW =============================================♛ Download the Modded Content Creator V4 (PS3)Cex&Dex New opjects, peds, cars and weapons for LTS/race/Deathmatch and Capture added...
  19. B

    Introduction gooddd time

    hackerrr ouw hack moderrr
  20. F

    Introduction Hello Peeps

    Im new to this forums page, And yeah i guess ill introduce myself. Im a 15 year old and my name is Chris, im a GTA 5 & COD Modder I Post Modding Showcase's and tutorials on my youtube channel - FrozenVisions - Glitches, Tutorials, More - YouTube Im also i friendly person.