1. Rivalz

    Rules & Guidelines - GTA Series

    Rules of this section: Charging for lobbies is strictly prohibited [Unless you meet the 50 posts requirement] or unless authorized by a member of staff. This includes requesting 48 hour trials. This is considered a form of payment and will be treated equally as any other charging offense...
  2. BearMGaming

    Introduction New

    . Xbx 360 Modder Add BEARM9986
  3. KranK

    Source RPC - Vehicle Spawner Instant Online

    Hey Rivals , and ones again lets do some strike Well i made this to work in RPC already some time ago and i think its just the time to drop it off xD Perfectly Working Online Vehicle Spawner ! Note: You must be hooked for it to work int pedID = Hook.Call<int>("PLAYER_PED_ID")...
  4. Dog88Christian

    PS3 [1.25] Zombie Project By Radikal Amy (Custom Update + SPRX)

    (Please don't call me "man", I'm a lady haha!) "Hi guys! I'm releasing for free my Zombie Project, Rockstar never made a Halloween update, so I did! After 3 months of work, I designed almost 60 zombies (humans & animals), Halloween T-shirts and loading screens. I brought...
  5. BoliBerrys

    Release [Tutorial] Modded Combat Rolls

    Hello Guys! Many of you were asking me to teach you how to do Modded Combat Rolls, so here is the tutorial :D What you need: - Kryptus Stats Debugger:!pdkhGApA!xnTuSmRGWeZaIoU4Ecwrk7X12GwYHA_KSTqgVBUeBLs...