gta v

  1. Cain532

    PS4 GTA V Menu Base!

    So, this is an amazing resource! With the advent of PS4 modding becoming more readily available this is an excellent go between to get people involved with the scene. GTA V has been a great stepping stone for many modders mainly due to the massive modder support behind the series. Now it is an...
  2. E

    GTA V Menu 1.42 (i need one FREE)

    come help me find a menu for gta v 1.42 online
  3. Absolute Zero

    PS3 Open Source Tuneables Editor (1.26)

    Tuneables V - Open Source Absolute Zero About I suppose this release is pretty self explanatory, its a tuneable editor for GTA V update 1.26. This essentially allows you to set some variables to allow things like snow year round, free shopping, idle kick bypass, and more. This editor allows...
  4. Eddie Mac

    Release GTA V - 1.25 Script Bypass + Mod Loader [7-8-2015]

    Whats up GZ, back again with another Script Bypass for the latest update 1.25 Enjoy :) Debug - Dex 1.25 - EBOOT CEX - CEX BLES 1.25 - EBOOT Menu - update List on how to open some of the more popular menu's in the "Mod Loader" Credits: Eddie Mac and SyGnUs - Bypass mrSnakes - For Menu
  5. LiveMChief

    How to make an EBOOT start an SPRX

    Surprising to me a lot of people do not know how to make a EBOOT start a SPRX, I'll show you how and it's actually REALLY easy to do. Tools needed: TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner version 1.6: TrueAncestor_EBOOT_Resigner_v1_6 SPRX Elf Builder 1.03: SPRX Elf Builder Steps: 1: Get an EBOOT to a...
  6. H

    What is needed to run SPRX menu????

    iam on regero 4.55 but never can get the SPRX menu to work. could the reason be iam on cex? i really dont know . iam new to the whole modding thing and only got into it because i got tired of my friends and i gettin messed with by them. so now i mess with them..gotta love ap ii and hairys ;0)...
  7. Eddie Mac

    GTA V - 1.24 Script Bypass [Video]

    Hey GZ, just wanted to get something in this section :p So here is a video of the new bypass working online :cool: (Most of you have probably already seen it, but for the one's who haven't :D)
  8. H

    Introduction hello its hello.

    introducing myself i am a gamer who loves to have fun