1. Cain532

    Great resource for GTA5

    Check this link out. It's got everything you could need to get started on your own sprx! Massive list of all known natives in an easy to follow GUI. Poke around a bit and as always if you have further questions, just ask!! GTA V Natives database
  2. Absolute Zero

    PS3 Open Source Tuneables Editor (1.26)

    Tuneables V - Open Source Absolute Zero About I suppose this release is pretty self explanatory, its a tuneable editor for GTA V update 1.26. This essentially allows you to set some variables to allow things like snow year round, free shopping, idle kick bypass, and more. This editor allows...
  3. KranK

    Source RPC - Vehicle Spawner Instant Online

    Hey Rivals , and ones again lets do some strike Well i made this to work in RPC already some time ago and i think its just the time to drop it off xD Perfectly Working Online Vehicle Spawner ! Note: You must be hooked for it to work int pedID = Hook.Call<int>("PLAYER_PED_ID")...
  4. S

    Introduction Hey There

    Um My name is Bryan, from Puerto Rico, Hello Everyone, Hope Somebody could help me here with some gta v modded lobbies for ps3