1. RockyIn2000

    Exclusive FORTNITE: How To Win!

    Tip: Bushes, they are great for hiding. Don’t listen to the bush haters, it’s a great tactic. Be the last to land, keep diving for as long as possible. Only land when the storm circle has been placed on the map. Land around the edge of it, preferably near a mass of trees. Scavenge for loot...
  2. M

    complete story mode

    if you want to figure out the location of all events such as, strangers and freaks, random events, letter pieces, or spaceship parts go to and scroll all the way to the bottom to the map and tap "not found"
  3. M

    Introduction greetings

    hello, i am new to this website and i would like to offer my help to anyone, i know a good chunk of information about GTA5 on the ps3, just contact me if you need help with something
  4. M

    Get a higher K/D

    one way i have found very effective is by going to settings in the pause menu. setting the look around sense almost all the way up, the aim sense a little bit higher than half, and the aim from simple to complex. and allow movement when zoomed. I like to cut out a small piece of eletrical tape...
  5. M

    Fast ways to make money online

    Some ways to make quick money is by robbing stores, flight school, steeling cars and selling them at LSC, import/export with Simion, heist(duh), join heist invites as much as you can, allways the finale will bring in the most cash
  6. Dog88Christian

    PS3 Debug Eboot Not Working (Not Attaching)

    I have debugged an eboot for a game Alien Isolation and it seems that it may not be debugged correctly. I have used my friend's and have tried using programs and still no luck. I cannot attach to the game (process). Although, I am able to connect to other games with a debug just fine. It's...
  7. Beadsman20

    Cinema 3d and Adobe After Effects

    I am looking for anyone who is good with cinema 3d and adobe after effects. If you are good with any or both plz leave a comment or message me directly
  8. H

    What is needed to run SPRX menu????

    iam on regero 4.55 but never can get the SPRX menu to work. could the reason be iam on cex? i really dont know . iam new to the whole modding thing and only got into it because i got tired of my friends and i gettin messed with by them. so now i mess with them..gotta love ap ii and hairys ;0)...
  9. W

    Solved why i reply comments and it not allow me to download

    i reply comments and it still say reply for download is so weird wish you can help me thanks
  10. snow-pluto

    Solved Awards

    Where can I view all the awards? If I click award under the Help Links tab then it will redirect me to the homepage. Is this because that function is not working yet or am I doing something wrong. And can you guys change the color of the searchtextbox, you can't read what you type
  11. Moist

    PS3 Can't make a DEBUG EBOOT (CS:GO PS3 - NPUB)

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you could help me with an issue that I'm currently having? I downloaded CS:GO from the PSN store hoping to make a few mods for it but it's being very tedious. I tried making the eboot DEBUG but I keep getting an error with TrueAncestor. Since it's NPUB I had...