1. Cain532

    CEX To DEX Conversion!

    Made a video on converting from CEX to DEX! Go check out the second part! it goes over the basics of reversing functions on one of my favorite games!
  2. Cain532

    Beginners Guide to Jailbreaking! (pt1)

    Starting to really ramp up the YouTube Channel :D I need you guys to help get these videos out to anybody who needs them!
  3. MoDz4Gaming

    Introduction Nice Looking Forum, I'm already enjoying the community .

    I'm MoDz4Gaming. I Jailbroke my first PS3 3yrs ago and been modding for some time now. Lately, I been seriously feeling more passionate about doing it correctly. I'm open to hearing about your ideas, the best ways that work for you. I'm ok with hearing about the constructive criticism as well...
  4. Dog88Christian

    PS3 How To Setup a Jailbroken PS3 (Noob Friendly)

    Hello GZ, a long time ago last year a friend of mine was supposed to get a jailbroken PS3. I spent about two hours typing instructions and linking necessities he would need. He was a major noob, so I was trying to help. Well, he never got one and so I decided to go back in my emails find this...
  5. blaize270

    PS3 4.75 Jailbreak

    anyone know where i can a 4.75 PS3 jailbreak?
  6. blaize270

    Introduction What's up GZ

    Im looking for a PS3 4.75 jailbreak with install packages. Very much appreciated.
  7. Kristijan1001

    PS3 A new PS3 Plugin by MixeryM@x

    Gameboot-Cycle v0.1 (A new PS3 plugin by MixeryM@xe) To Qoute: Hello Community I have designed a small plugin PS3 and wanted to share it with you. THANKS to @ 3141card_ for help Game Boat-Cycle v0.1 (download below in the Appendix) This plugin will automatically change the game Boots ...
  8. Kristijan1001

    PS3 TrueAncestor PKG Repacker 2.00

    Developer ‘jjkkyu’ has released TrueAncestor PKG Repacker v 2.00, bringing an enhanced/qualitative experience servicing your pkg packing needs. To Qoute: Hi, Mates This is an evolution version for TAPC (TrueAncestor PKG Creator), hope it will bring you a new experience for packing pkg...
  9. Kristijan1001

    PS3 USB Master Key

    Credits to SSL who found this with his help i would be stuck. key dec: 0789be9b17fe45d80923eb97e4956410 d4cdb2c2 key enc: 8E5145764B66352D694A38D6F871CD1A 2526D98E0F3D2DD21FDCFCCF1CF7285 FC66EC703DB627F86AAF6B95511D864D D3472C359A0C483A3F7C15B403253D8C3 new master key! laid =...
  10. Kristijan1001

    PS3 Artemis PS3 Hacking System by Dnawrkshp Arrives, Open Source

    To quote: Artemis PS3 Hacking System I'm pressed for time right now so I can't write a full write-up, but basically Artemis PS3 is similar to CodeUnique except it is free and open source. Artemis PS3 is a part of Project Artemis; a larger, collaborative initiative to create hacking systems for...
  11. Kristijan1001

    PS3 [POC] PS3 VSH Menu

    Developer 3141card has released a very nice Proof of Concept of a PS3 VSH Menu (like the PSP days) this feat however has proved to be alot harder for the PS3 as the console sends out a HD signal so blitting has been problematic, but the developer has been working on this off and on for awhile...