1. Cheat Code

    PS3 Minecraft Modded Eboot v1.37

    -Regenerate Health -Infinite Oxygen -Infinite Food -Unlimited Resources ( Press circle on any item for infinite Resources ) ★Downloads★ BLES01976 Cheats v1.37 Minecraft - BLES01976 Cheats v1.37.pkg BLUS31426 Cheats v1.37 Minecraft - BLUS31426 Cheats v1.37.pkg
  2. anxify

    Offsets Minecraft TU36 Addresses Thread

    Hello Rival Gamers Welcome to the Official Minecraft Offsets Thread ;] Current Offsets found by me are the Following :laugh: Block Selection: N/A Camera Shake: N/A Hud Size: N/A Sensitivity: N/A Sky Color: N/A Time Speed: N/A Time: N/A View: N/A Walk Speed: N/A XRAY: N/A (I am currently...
  3. Dog88Christian

    How To Fix The 80010009 Minecraft Error

    Hello GZ, I've come to make a tutorial for Minecraft players. If on CFW you will get a launch error after updating. I already have a thread with this fixed and ready to download, but for those wanting to learn themselves I will teach you. Unfortunately at the moment, this will only work with...

    PS3 NZMT - Minecraft RTM tool (TU25)

    My first tool ever made, i know it's the same as some others but i wanted to make one and release it to the public.. I have my self been looking at some offsets and working with them.. but nothings final. But here it is, enjoy. Download: Zippyshare.com - NZMT - Minecraft RTM.rar Virus Scan...