1. Cyb3r

    Exclusive Uncharted 3 SPRX Mod Menu

    It has been a while since I released something good, this project started 2 years ago or so but I dropped it due to lack of interest in modding and also my PS3 died after a while so I couldn't finish it anyway. I got another PS3 two weeks ago and I thought I should finish it this project and...
  2. xelahot

    PS3 SPRX SocketRequest Help

    Hi, I need help making a simple socketRequest on an SPRX for authentification purpose. - I tried this library : [C++] SPRX C++ AUTH - It never even managed to get the hostname with gethostbyname(URL). It returns NULL. Something’s wrong with the DNS server or with the library...
  3. ImHaxoTV

    GTA 4 (Grand Theft Auto IV) Mods/Mod Menus & Modding Stuff PC/Ps3/Xbox 360

    Info: Here can you find all about GTA 4 Mods, have fun! GTA IV Xbox & PC File Editing Programs General OpenIV Use this to open the GTA IV .rpf and .img files, it also lets you extract and replace files within the archives. This will be needed to edit or make your own custom mods. Download...
  4. anxify

    Release BO2 MooCow v1 MP GSC Menu TU18 RGH/JTAG

    This was released because I wanted show everyone that anything is possible to overcome and get through... bi polar depression, was consuming me whole lost some much the love of my life now with another man, hurt like hell when she let me go, but I'm better now yeah it was hard for me to let...
  5. xHARDHeMPuS


    Menu Is Showing 1.25 Because I Forgot to Change Name More This Working at 1.26 Ok (BLES DEX) USE THE ORIGINAL FILES NOT CHANGE THE NAME OF SPRX OK SPRX HEMPUS MENU Need Help Contact me on Skype ( hard.hackps3 ) VIDEOS HOW PROVE THAT IS WORKING 1.26 VIDEO 1 DATE OF RECORDING (...
  6. Coolockboss

    Xbox Coolockboss V1 Menu Now Free Enjoy

    I decided to give it out for free I've been keeping it private for some time Enjoy :) Updated
  7. KranK

    PS3 C# PS3/RTM - Remote Mod Menu Base SourceCode

    Introduction: Hello All RivalGamer Members ! Today i have something special for you, i named it "Remote Mod Menu Base" What is it Exactly ?! Its an SourceCode of RTM Mod Menu Utility Windows form based That Controlled by PS3 Controller button monitoring (Game Bindz Based) Have A Mod Menu On...
  8. CowMore


    credits :AmmarA1 God mode Jp/ExoZombie Testing ModsRFree Testing GarlicBread13 Testing CmKs cuz
  9. Dog88Christian

    PS3 How To Setup a Jailbroken PS3 (Noob Friendly)

    Hello GZ, a long time ago last year a friend of mine was supposed to get a jailbroken PS3. I spent about two hours typing instructions and linking necessities he would need. He was a major noob, so I was trying to help. Well, he never got one and so I decided to go back in my emails find this...
  10. Kristijan1001

    PS3 [Release] PeXploit V1.0

    Once again xXx The Darkprogramer xXx has updated PeXploit, the original tool for installing games and DLC pkgs on Official Firmware using KaKaRoTo’s PS3xport. Recently he launched a new website where you can find PeXploit and other current & future projects. Downloads are below, a mirror is...
  11. Kristijan1001

    PS3 [POC] PS3 VSH Menu

    Developer 3141card has released a very nice Proof of Concept of a PS3 VSH Menu (like the PSP days) this feat however has proved to be alot harder for the PS3 as the console sends out a HD signal so blitting has been problematic, but the developer has been working on this off and on for awhile...
  12. Cyb3r

    Exclusive How to Mod any game by yourself!

    Hello RG members, today i'll learn you a big thing to find and do what you like in ps3 debugger, this lesson is targeting and intermediate ps3 debugger users, so the pro's are off the topic :p, so let's start. Our objective: How to find caller functions in ProDG Debugger. Introduction: The...