1. smasher248

    PS4 The Last of Us Remasted Texture Modifier

    This is a program made by akderbur for modifying .pak textures and update them in game: He actually released a tool for viewing/extracting the textures quite some time ago. He just added the option to import the modified textures. Overview : Viewing/Exporting - File -> Open to load the pak...
  2. ImHaxoTV

    PS3 PS3 GTA 5 Modded Job Creator 1.25/1.26 + Download

    PS3 GTA 5 Modded Content Creator 1.25/1.26 + Download Created By Im HaxoTV (Modded Job Creator) V5 NEW =============================================♛ Download the Modded Content Creator V4 (PS3)Cex&Dex New opjects, peds, cars and weapons for LTS/race/Deathmatch and Capture added...
  3. BoliBerrys

    Release [Tutorial] Modded Combat Rolls

    Hello Guys! Many of you were asking me to teach you how to do Modded Combat Rolls, so here is the tutorial :D What you need: - Kryptus Stats Debugger:!pdkhGApA!xnTuSmRGWeZaIoU4Ecwrk7X12GwYHA_KSTqgVBUeBLs...